Could We at Some Point See a Star Wars Horror Movie?

While the image above is a fan-made graphic, it still stands as a great point that we haven’t seen a full-on Star Wars horror movie yet, which sounds like a lot of fun since there’s plenty of material for it to happen with, and wampas are definitely prime suspects for a horror movie since the terrifying snow creatures have a lot more to them than their current showing on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. In fact, these big, hairy beasts have also been used in the comics and the books to great effect since the one-armed wampa that Luke Skywalker tangled with in the same movie was featured leading a horde of its kind at one point in a story, and it was definitely enough of an image to think that they have some intelligence and enough sentience to be a real threat. But then again, there are a lot of different worlds and a lot of different creatures and species that might pose a serious threat to anyone in the Star Wars franchise, especially since some worlds have creatures that are the stuff of nightmares, to begin with. 

One has to wonder how much a Star Wars story would have to be altered in order to become a horror, however, since there are plenty of science fiction horror stories, and all of them feel as though they’re just a step away from being something else. This type of story really depends on what aspect of Star Wars they want to focus on, since including the Sith could help to create a horror story as well since the ancient enemies of the Jedi are steeped in practices and habits that could easily fuel a horror movie. Some folks have wanted to steer away from the Jedi and Sith for a while, and that’s easy to understand since the primary trilogies have focused on the constant struggle between the two factions quite a bit. 

There was a story that was released in 2009 called Death Troopers that might be a good place to start since it does deal with zombies, which is still a popular subject at this time and something that might be worth looking into since, despite the fact that it featured Han Solo and Chewbacca, it might still be a good story to run with. Plus, there is still hope from some folks that Alden Ehrenreich could come back as Han Solo, as this adventure did take place well away from the main story. A lot of people are even wanting to see Alden come back for another Solo story since despite the debacle that the Solo movie became, there are still plenty of folks that are willing to take another chance and see what Alden can do. Zombies in a Star Wars movie might actually get a lot of attention, and it’s fair to say that a lot of people might roll their eyes and wonder what in the hell is going on. But thinking about it, I mean really thinking about it, why not? There are so many possibilities for so many elements to be present in a universe that’s as expansive as this franchise that it feels necessary to state that it might not be such a bad idea to go ahead and run with any idea that might be satisfactory simply because it carries some weight. 

There are another couple of species that might lend themselves well to the horror genre, and one of them is the Shistavenen, werewolf-like creatures that have been represented in Star Wars in the past, as there was one in A New Hope in the cantina. Another species to include would be the Anzati, a sentient, humanoid species that have also been represented in a New Hope. These beings look almost just like humans, but they have fleshy tubes that protrude from the sides of their noses that they use to suck a person’s brains from their skull, consuming the ‘soup’ of their thoughts and brain matter. It’s also said that they can increase their Force sensitivity if they happen t0 prey upon a Jedi. That could be used as horror movie material since not only are they brain-suckers, the Anzati are also assassins, so there’s something to work with.

There’s plenty of material there, now all that’s needed is the desire to make it happen and the actual story. Someone will come along and make it happen, that much feels evident, but who’s going to have this level of ambition is hard to say. Mike Flanagan, the same guy that’s responsible for The Haunting of Hill House, appears to be up for it, so maybe we’ll get to see it sooner rather than later. It’s all a matter of putting something together and then getting people interested, so hopefully it can happen before too long. 

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