Comic-Con 2016: Lucifer’s Tom Ellis and Tricia Helfer Preview the Mother From Hell

When Lucifer premiered the title devil was cocky and scared of no one, not even his own father. A bit paradoxical given that his father is none other than the highest Holy Father himself, God. So if God doesn’t scare the devil, who does? Audiences learned the answer in the Season 1 finale with one simple word-Mom. In an interview with TVOvermind, Tom Ellis and new regular cast member Tricia Helfer preview how the arrival of Charlotte, God’s ex-wife, will impact Season 2.

When we first talked with Executive Producer Ildy Modrovich, casting ‘Mom’ came down to who could be as tough and rye as Tom Ellis. “We wanted to see who Lucifer took after, someone who doesn’t deny themselves fun, and has a passionate thirst for life” said Modrovich of casting Helfer in the role. Ellis reinforces that Lucifer’s reunion with Mom is more normal than you might have thought. “We try to sort of take the weight off the whole celestial being side of it. We’ve stripped away the layers of Lucifer, the veneer he has.” Lucifer is going to be vulnerable, just in a completely different way when compared to his vulnerability with Chloe. ‘Mom’ herself wants fans to know that “She’s a loving mother at the end of the day who wants to be with her children.”

Despite this family reunion going through the normal human emotions which are typically attributed, there are going to be elements of the supernatural that both Lucifer and Charlotte struggle with as they navigate their new reality. “I think very much like Lucifer in the first season discovering a lot about himself, being in Los Angeles, the newness of the situation, Mom definitely has the same thing. Being in human form, the newness of all that” Helfer summarizes. Lucifer definitely takes after his mother, but not in her opinion with humanity. Producers have stated that Mom has a deep-rooted resentment for humanity because it was her husband’s project and the root of the end of their relationship.  So though Charlotte will be happy to see her children, that feeling doesn’t extend to much of anyone else.

Charlotte’s presence in both of her son’s lives will be disconcerting to them, but not to much of anyone else. Modrovich explains that “Maze of course knows Mom. The other characters will definitely interact with mom, they won’t necessarily know she’s mom because that’s kind of hard to explain.” Ellis echoes a similar statement from Lucifer’s perspective that “Sharing the fact that his mom’s in town is something that he feels a bit uneasy about and probably something that she [Chloe] wouldn’t be able to cope with.” This is probably for the best since Chloe has other priorities in Season 2, like realizing that there may actually be something unexplainable about Lucifer. After Lucifer survived his fatal wound in the season finale, how he managed to do it “is the first question that she’s asking herself at the top of Season 2” Modrovich promises.

Click below for our full interview with Ellis and Helfer. Season 2 of Lucifer premieres September 19 on FOX.

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