Lucifer: Old Flames and The long-awaited Deckerstar Kiss


I tweeted a few weeks ago (if I remember correctly) that Lucifer should come back more kick-butt than ever in January. What I didn’t expect is that they would take me up on my small request (in a manner of speaking). Tonight’s episode is nothing short of awesome, and I can’t wait to watch the two remaining episodes before the hiatus.

The hour began right where the last episode left off. Lucifer and Detective Decker were having the make-up dinner and were about to kiss when a stewardess showed up. Stewardess interruptus indeed! Lucifer tried to explain to Detective Decker that he didn’t know that Jana (the stewardess) was planning to show up. The latter, of course, didn’t believe him and left, saying that it’s a good thing Jana showed up because it stopped her from making a big mistake. It’s quite clear that Detective Decker is starting to have feelings for Lucifer, but she doesn’t want to admit it. Maybe she’s afraid that if she were to give her heart to Lucifer, that she’ll end up being tossed aside like last night’s chutney.

My eyes went wide when I saw all those women (and man) show up at the precinct. Then again, this is Lucifer we are talking about so that shouldn’t be a shock. Every single one of them told Detective Decker that their encounters with the club owner were meaningless one-night stands. I had thought that the stalker girl Suki is the killer responsible for the deaths of Jana and Raj. The girl is beyond obsessed with Lucifer. She even has a categorized stalker shrine dedicated to him. That and various dolls made in his likeness. I did get a laugh when Suki sniffed Lucifer. Good one, show. I rolled my eyes (amusedly of course) at Lucifer’s impression of Richard Nixon (maybe Tom should do more impressions in the future? Just a suggestion.)

Speaking of our favorite Devil, I was intrigued by his fashion choice towards the middle of the episode. The light blue shirt and white suit ensemble reminds me of Miami Vice. He switched back to his usual dark suits later, of course, but maybe that white suit was an indication that he wants to go back to Heaven. That or he only wanted to blend in at the pool party. We’ll never know. I also loved that he tried to ward off the man who attempted to hit on Detective Decker at the pool party. She’s not spoken for yet, but she will soon!

The part where Lucifer asked Amenadiel if he is boyfriend material intrigues me. It made me hope that someday, Lucifer and Detective Decker will get together. The archangel then told Lucifer to look in himself if he is truly worthy of being the detective’s other half. I totally think he is worthy. Detective Decker wouldn’t have kissed Lucifer (finally) towards the end of the episode if he wasn’t. On a side note, how did Lucifer know that Detective Decker’s middle name is Jane? He didn’t look into her personal records so how else could he have found out? I want to know!

Coming back to the case turns out that Jana, along with Raj and Tim the pilot were helping some guy named Burt to smuggle in a package of some sort. My first thought was drugs, but the scene at the end where the guy was limping in the hanger with a nosebleed, I concluded that it might be poison from what I have seen via episode promos. Can’t wait until next Monday! Looking forward to more Deckerstar goodness! On another side note, I felt sorry for Detective Douche. His secret about sleeping with Charlotte got out courtesy of Maze (who looked impressive in that flight attendant uniform). At least Lucifer won’t be getting a Step-Dan anytime soon, so that’s good news, right?

P.S.: Lucifer, you said that you are a lover, not a Rolodex, but you remember every single person that you have slept with so in a way, you are a Rolodex. #LOL

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 11 Review: "Stewardess Interruptus"


Two of Lucifer’s old flames are found dead and Chloe finally kisses Lucifer in this awesome winter premiere of Lucifer.

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