Lucifer: Douchifer Makes Presence Known. Chloe Finds Her Father’s Killer.


I never thought I would see the day. The day where Lucifer Morningstar would ditch his designer suits for something out of Detective Douche’s closet. That is exactly what happened in tonight’s episode of Lucifer. Then again, he did ask Detective Decker for permission.

I facepalmed so hard when Lucifer and Detective Douche showed up at the bath house. The former started to talk in a dude accent (no offense to guys everywhere) which, though amusing, still earned a facepalm from me. I have to give our favorite Devil credit, though. He complimented Detective Douche on his well-toned physique. The facepalming continued as Lucifer channeled his inner Douche (I have to admit however, Douchifer does have a nice ring to it). The scene with Detective Douche at improv class, however, was brilliant! The Lucifer impression was good, but nowhere near as good as the original, I’m afraid.

It’s also an emotional episode for both Detective Decker and Maze. The former tracked down the real killer that took her father’s life, and the latter was dealing with finding work and almost lost Dr. Martin as a friend. I have to agree with what Maze said towards the end of the episode. Despite what happened, Lucifer is still the same Lucifer, and Maze is still the same kick butt Maze. I still can’t believe that the demoness took a job as a topless maid. At least she got hired by the LAPD as a bounty hunter so she can do what she does best and get paid for it. Kudos to you, Mazikeen Smith!

The scene where Maze yelled at Lucifer for showing his real face to Dr. Martin is a tad unfair. Lucifer only did it because he wanted the doctor to believe him finally. That and he went via Detective Decker’s advice. He would do anything for Detective Decker; Maze should know that. Then again, he was thinking about himself when he showed Dr. Martin his Devil face so maybe Maze has a point. Good thing Dr. Martin came around and went out with Maze for drinks. Perhaps their friendship can be saved after all.

I also agree with Detective Decker’s advice on finding something that’s right for you career wise. If you don’t enjoy what you do, then you’ll never be good at doing whatever it is that you end up doing. Do what feels right and you’ll know that you have made the right decision.

Detective Decker, as mentioned above, found the real killer that took her father’s life sixteen years ago. What I don’t quite understand is why the prison warden committed the crime in the first place? Did the late Officer Decker find out that the warden is corrupt and threatened to expose him? I seriously thought that Detective Decker was going to shoot the warden for what he did. I’m glad she didn’t because then she would end up in jail herself and we can’t have that, now can we?

I loved the tender moment that Lucifer and Detective Decker had at the end of the episode. He told her that though he cares nothing for his father, her father would be proud of what she’s accomplished as a police officer and homicide detective. Detective Decker then hugged her friend and partner (though it would be nice if she kissed him) as she cried tears of relief and happiness. My heart warmed at the look of contentment on Lucifer’s face. He truly does love her. If only he could admit it, am I right? Also, I liked that Trixie high-fived Lucifer instead of hugging him. Maybe that should be the new Trixie Hug.

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