“Cobra Kai” Runs on Nostalgia and People are Eating it Up

Everything has changed when it comes to Cobra Kai, and yet nothing has changed when it comes to Johnny Lawrence. The nostalgia that’s being delivered by the show thus far is amazing and people are absolutely eating it up. And they should be if all those that have watched it are being honest. From the trailers it was obvious that Johnny and Daniel were destined to clash again, but the manner in which their lives keep coming together thus far is hard to miss since fate seems to be bringing back the old days for these two rivals in a way that makes it seem as though they’re destined to duke it out once again for old times’ sake.

Despite the last we saw of Johnny in Karate Kid 2 he never changed as he grew up, allowing that kick to the face, the ILLEGAL kick to the face, to stunt his personal growth in just about every way possible. The moment we see him in the present day it’s pretty obvious that nothing has gone right for this guy for a long, LONG time. Thirty years is a long time to harbor a grudge such as this, but when the person you saw as your enemy is doing just fine with their life and you’re drinking warm, stale beer to cure a hangover it might be time to reassess the way you’re living. Johnny just isn’t having a good life at this point and Daniel is so worried about Cobra Kai coming back that he can’t help but let it bug him continuously after seeing that Johnny has opened his own dojo. People that fell in love with the original movie can easily remember the trepidation that gripped Daniel when he walked into the dojo the first time and saw that Johnny was a member of the class. All hope seemed to flee at that time for poor Daniel as he had no one else to put his faith in.

But when the kindly old Mr. Miyagi took interest in him things began to turn around. Sadly Mr. Miyagi is no longer there to impart his wisdom, as Pat Morita passed away some time ago. It was in fact Mr. Miyagi that helped Daniel to overcome the  Cobra Kai and finally gain some much-needed confidence in himself. As the years have gone by however Daniel has gained more than self-confidence, he’s gained a life that he always dreamed about when he was young but could never have. It’s amusing really that Johnny is scraping bottom and Daniel is riding high, but what it’s also done is increase the size of the chip on Johnny’s shoulder and turned Daniel into a kind of jerk that means well but is still a little too arrogant for his own good. This is volatile mix that’s being thrust together and the fallout is no doubt going to be something spectacular.

Keep watching the show as the episodes roll on. It gets better with each passing minute.

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