Cloak and Dagger Needs Another Chance in the MCU


Credit: Cloak and Dagger

There have been a few comic book ideas that didn’t appear to work when they were brought to the big or small screens, either because there wasn’t enough material to draw from or because the main characters weren’t created in a dominant fashion that allowed them to stick around that long. Cloak and Dagger are an interesting pair, but the truth is that even in the comics, their popularity started to wane despite the fact that they have opposing powers that are rather interesting when one truly examines what they can do and what they’re all about. The duo has been around for quite a while, and one would think that they might have done far better than their show was seen to do when it was given a chance. While not everyone might agree, it does feel as though bringing Cloak and Dagger back for another run might be a good idea, but only if it was given a serious look at how things could improve and how the two could be made to fit into the MCU in a way that would highlight their strengths and bolster their weaknesses just a bit. 

Credit: Cloak and Dagger

It might be time to ditch their origin story and just let them exist as heroes. 

This has already been done with at least one Marvel hero when it comes to simply allow the audience to get to know the character. The best idea feels as though it would be to let this duo move forward with a story and explore their backstory in flashbacks that could be used in a strategic manner to let the audience know who they are and what they’re all about. Allowing these two to step into their own story would still be risky without a backstory, but it would at least move forward in an attempt to bring them into the MCU in a manner that would be accepted by the fans. Spending too much time on an origin story can kill the movie or the show in a big way since it detracts from seeing what the heroes can do and how impressive they can be as individuals. 

They could be a great duo in the modern era for a number of reasons. 

For one, Cloak and Dagger are a couple that has managed to stand out for a long time now as a man of color and a Caucasian woman since, like it or not, it isn’t the norm in the comics. It’s been widely accepted that they’ve been together for a long time since they balance each other so well, and the discussion of their races hasn’t been that big of a deal, as it shouldn’t be. But the fact that their personalities are different enough to make them compatible and yet opposed at times is interesting, and it hasn’t been dug into enough. The sad fact is that a few people might want to get into identity politics because of this pairing when the truth is that they work together in a way that isn’t seen in many other paired couples in the comics since darkness and light are primal forces that go together just as much as they oppose each other, and these two exemplify those forces. 

Credit: Cloak and Dagger

Injecting them into another superhero movie might be the way to go. 

If giving them their own movie and/or TV show doesn’t work, then perhaps placing them in another MCU movie would be the trick to get them the attention they need. There are plenty of movies that they could show up in and TV shows that would help them to become visible to the fans, and it’s fair to say that if the origin story was kept simple or completely in the background, then it might work beautifully. Cloak and Dagger are two heroes that have been around long enough to make it feel that including them would be one of the best ideas possible since if one really takes the time to look, they’ll see that this pair has been a part of the Marvel Universe since the early 80s. 

Omitting them from the MCU at this time feels as though people have given up on them. 

This probably isn’t the case, but at the very least, it would appear that a lack of effort on the part of those who were trying to keep the show running feels as though not enough was done to keep this pair around. There is a lot more to the act of trying to keep a TV show running, but hopefully, there’s another attempt on the way since it would be fun to see them return to the small screen or even see them on the big screen at some point. They deserve to be in the MCU, ’nuff said. 

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