Netflix Shows Aren’t Canon To The MCU, Says James Gunn

Netflix Shows Aren’t Canon To The MCU, Says James Gunn

Netflix Shows Aren’t Canon To The MCU, Says James Gunn

If you were a huge fan of the Marvel Netflix shows, some recent news came out about them. And just to get it out of the way, you probably won’t like it. I was a big fan of those shows myself and ever since they all got canceled a few years ago, I was like everyone else and wondered how Marvel would handle the characters from those shows going forward. They began with Daredevil back in 2015, and ended with season 3 of Jessica Jones in 2019. It was a good run for those shows, but they ended prematurely and I think most fans would agree with me. There was just so much more stories to tell with each show and I was dying to see those. Sadly, it looks like Netflix and Marvel just couldn’t reach a compromise.

It’s old news by now and it was a very complicated situation. We may never fully learn all the details behind the cancellation of those shows, but does that mean we won’t see those characters ever again? It’s very possible, considering Kevin Feige had nothing to do with those shows. But it’s still weird, because the Marvel Netflix shows still made a lot of references to the movies. They called the Battle of New York the incident, mentioned the Avengers by name, and showed bad guys using Hammer Tech weapons.

Personally, I would consider the Marvel Netflix shows to be canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but apparently James Gunn says otherwise. The Guardians of the Galaxy director took to his social media recently and said that any pre-Disney+ Marvel shows are not canon to the MCU. That includes more than just the Netflix shows, although those were the best ones. What James Gunn is referring to is shows from ABC, including Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, which was rather forgettable, so no harm done there. But then again, much like the Netflix shows, those shows made several references to the MCU.

As many fans are already pointing out, Jarvis from Agent Carter made a brief cameo in Avengers: Endgame. And Agents of SHIELD talks about the Avengers a lot and still shows us what Agent Coulson is doing. For some reason, however, Coulson still doesn’t feel the need to reach out to the Avengers or Nick Fury. I mean, can he at least let them know that he’s not dead anymore? That’s why it’s kind of hard for me to watch Agents of SHIELD and consider it canon. Maybe Kevin Feige will honor the continuity of that show, but it’s unlikely. And as for Agent Carter, I think Peggy’s story is done, so I can’t imagine Kevin Feige pulling other characters from her show for quick cameos.

And let’s not forget about shows like Cloak and Dagger from Hulu or The Runaways. I’d like to think that those shows still have a place in the MCU, but I have a feeling Kevin Feige will choose to create his own versions of those characters. I’m okay with that, but I’m curious as to what James Gunn is saying. Heck, some fans even protested to his claims and he responded by saying they were incorrect. According to him, there is no coordination between the Marvel movies and the pre-Disney+ shows. The fact that he even told fans on his social media that they were incorrect about the Netflix shows being connected to the MCU says something.

Now you can say how would he know, but I do think he does know something. He’s close enough to Kevin Fegie where he can learn some insider information. Could he be wrong? It’s certainly possibly, but I don’t think he is. What he said on social media does disappoint me, considering the Marvel Netflix shows were the most prominent Marvel shows. I’m confident the Disney+ shows can get that momentum going again, but the Netflix shows were just a different breed. Would you watch those shows and think for a second that they would be connected to any Disney movies? I certainly wouldn’t, but that’s what made the Marvel shows on Netflix stand out.

When James Gunn said there was no “coordination” between the shows and the movies, I think he’s referring to how Kevin Feige had no control over the pre-Disney+ shows. And now that all those Netflix shows are canceled everyone from those shows can be rebooted. Let’s just hope Daredevil and Kingpin stick around, because those guys are irreplaceable. And let’s not forget about Jon Bernthal as the Punisher, because he was born for that role.

What do you guys think about James Gunn’s comments? If he’s wrong, then that’s good news for the Marvel Netflix fans. If he’s totally right, then don’t lose hope, because we can see at least some of them again. They might not be the same exact characters we watched on Netflix, but at least the good ones can stick around. Under Kevin Feige’s guidance, I have faith he’ll do those characters justice. The other shows are the ones that seriously need better writers. Agents of SHIELD, for example, feels like it exist in a different universe. I mean, it has Agent Coulson as a main character, so it really shouldn’t feel like that.

The fate of the Marvel Netflix shows could be at a lower part than we originally thought, but let’ not give up hope just yet. But seriously, don’t replace the guys who worked.

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