Chrisean Rock Arrested For Punching Her Boyfriend Blueface

Credit: @bluefacebleedem

Rapper Blueface (real name Johnathan Porter) and Chrisean Rock have a complicated relationship. And that’s putting it nicely.

The “loving” couple met in 2021 on Blue Girls Club, a reality series that saw random girls live in the rapper’s house for a month straight. It’s another Housewife type show, with drinking, fighting, and twerking. Nevertheless, the point is that these two met during that time, and when Rock got a tattoo of his face, you knew it was severe. Chrisean is also an artist who signed to his record label, Blueface LLC, back in 2020. The duo released a track called Lonely shortly after. However, the couple isn’t exactly known for their music together, as their turbulent relationship has been an unfortunate headline for the past several years. Blueface is no stranger to controversy as the rapper has a documented (and violent) history with his mother, Karissa Safford. Ever since the rapper’s music took off in 2018, the rocky relationship between him, his mother, and his sister had garnered more headlines than his music.

His mother and sister accused him of pimping Chrisean Rock out! Of course, Blueface and Rock have vehemently denied the accusation, claiming that Safford cares more about social media than her son, “I don’t even know that lady anymore. I lost her to the internet. She wants to be known to get her hair done for free. She ain’t even allowed to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to Instagram, and nobody wants to be in a mix with her.”

Rock chimed into the conversation, making it clear that fame and clout were more important than her son’s mental health, “Everybody folded on a real one. He’s hard to heal because of you… you were supposed to be da move, but instead, you turned into a stranger all the pride got in you. All way, you didn’t know how to stay genuine. This could explain the problems with Rock and Blueface, who are not shy about their abusive relationship. It’s been documented by the on-again, off-again couple in 2022, with an actual video of the two fighting on Hollywood Blvd on August 2.

Blueface got on his Instagram story and showcased a shiner he alleges was caused by Rock. Given that she socks him in the face in the video, it would be surprising if that wasn’t because of her. Blueface was trying to plead with his girlfriend to leave him alone for good, with the rapper even offering her $100,000 to end things on a positive note (Transcript courtesy of

“So we’re here with Baby D, the world’s heavyweight champ. Don’t laugh now; what’s funny? What’s funny?” he said. “She done hit me in my s**t. Got a nice lil’ shiner, Blueface added. “What you need to leave me the f**k alone? F**k it, 100,000. You’re viral now because, come on. You wanna beat me up in public and s**t so wassup?”

Credit: @bluefacebleedem

Rock replied, denying that she beat the rapper, “I didn’t beat you up.” Blueface offered her the money again to leave him alone, “What will it take for us to end this nice and pleasant? $100,000 is pretty pleasant.” Nothing happened in the video as everything was relatively tame, but the violence surely didn’t stop there. On August 22, Rock was arrested for another domestic dispute, but the story differs from the incident on Hollywood Blvd. Rock was supposed to host at the Whiskey Row bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, but a video obtained by Gossipofthecity shows the couple getting into an argument once again. Rock attempts to step away, but the rapper pulls her back by her braids, forcing her back. Naturally, Rock responds with several punches. Blueface didn’t hit back, and the security intervened by restraining her until Scotts Police Department arrived.

In the video documenting the moment, Rock remains calm when on the ground, pinned down by a police officer. She’s eventually put into a police car and is hauled off moments later. Blueface once again explained the situation on Instagram, “Free Rock,” he said. “I let her hit me in my s**t. We aren’t never make the same mistake twice. She hit me this time, aye, OK. Security took her. The police took her. Cut, what can I do? She hit me with a banger on Crip. Boom. I’m like, woooo. I’m not even doing anything. She’ll be right. Free Rock.” TMZ caught the couple a few days later and vowed not to hit each other again. Hopefully, that remains true.

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