Is It Time for a Fatal Attraction Reboot?

Is It Time for a Fatal Attraction Reboot?

This is an interesting question since it’s not too far off the mark these days to wonder how a Fatal Attraction reboot might actually look. One can definitely assume that discussion about mental health would be a big part of the movie, and it does feel accurate to say that Dan would either be looked at as the scum of the earth for cheating or that he’d be made to grovel even more and possibly still lose everything. It might even be that the movie might see a race swap, but then again we’ve seen a lot of movies that have followed the Fatal Attraction guidelines while using people of color, which would mean that it might not even be needed. But the decision for this is, of course, in the hands of those making the movies, so it’s fair to think that whether we do see this or not, a lot of things would end up changing. Given how many years have passed since Fatal Attraction came out, nearly 34 to be honest, a lot has changed when it comes to the dating game and how adults deal with one another in certain situations.

There are likely moments in the original movie that would be cut out or altered to avoid offending anyone at this point, but it’s always likely that we could see a reboot. But again, having mentioned that so many other movies have gone this route and done things in their own way, it’s hard to think that it would be necessary. Of course, that tends to be why some movies get made anyway. It is a an interesting idea to be certain, but how it would go is a big question mark that has to be figured out before it could happen. The original movie has been talked about for years, which means that it made a pretty big impact on pop culture and possibly even society. But as far as who would be cast in each role, it’s fair to say that the casting would be important.

The original movie ended up being one of the top movies of 1987 and as a result it’s still considered to be one of the more iconic movies ever made. This shows that, like always, drama sells in a big way, as people tend to flock to movies that are bound to show them something they can relate to or at least something that shows the human condition front and center. The movie has even been parodied quite a few times since it was released, as the whole dynamic between Dan and Alex has been seen as a great story and something that people are more than willing to laugh at when given the chance. Bringing this movie back might be a good one, or it might be something that’s not needed. That kind of depends on the manner in which the movie would be brought back and who might be able to drum up the kind of interest that would be needed to get the attention of the audience and keep it for a couple of hours. It’s very possible that it could be done, but the question that needs to be addressed first is should it.

So many movies have been rebooted and remade that it’s become the ‘in’ thing to do since everyone appears to be getting in on the act. But there are those times when it’s not the wisest idea since a movie should be left alone or it should possibly be handed to someone that can really do something with it. Considering that the director, Adrian Lyne, is currently 80 years old and still working, it might be wise to at least mention a reboot or remake to the person that had so much to do with the original. It’s likely that this would happen, and it might be that Adrian might even want to be the one to bring the movie back, but there are still plenty of questions to answer before anything could get moving. Pulling the trigger on this idea wouldn’t be that easy, since bringing it back and watching it flop would be a pretty big disappointment. But bringing the idea back and watching it blow up again would be amazing.

Back in the 80s this kind of drama likely worked since not only was the 80s a time of change and innovation, but a drama story such as Fatal Attraction was something unique. This time around it feels as though plenty would have to change, and it’s very likely that if the movie didn’t have a skilled and creative director helming it, things could go off the rails fairly quick. So really, it’s possible that it could be rebooted, but the biggest question to ask is whether it would do any good or not.

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