Pixar’s Soul Animated Movie Get Its First Trailer

Pixar’s Soul Animated Movie Get Its First Trailer

Pixar’s Soul Animated Movie Get Its First Trailer

So with Inside Out we got to know what was going on in someone’s head, and that happened to be a young girl who was dealing with a tough move from Minnesota to San Francisco, which would be kind of traumatic for many people to be fair. But now we get to have an out of body experience, which is entirely bypassing the brain, which would likely be on pause mode, as Soul gives the viewer a more spiritual look at what drives us as human beings. One thing to note about the trailer is that it does this in a very universal manner that not everyone might like, but it definitely feels as though it’s trying to offend as few people as possible by being somewhat vague but still inclusive as well, which is a mark in the movie’s favor to be sure since in our current society things are bound to happen that will offend just about anyone if someone finds the need to point out such triggers. But all in all this movie looks as though it might be on track to at least be fun and engaging without being too challenging. Starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey as the two lead actors, this movie already looks like it might be a cute and very fun movie to enjoy with the family, barring the idea that going to the theater will be seen as a good idea of course.

Jazz is definitely an acquired taste when it comes to music since it’s not fully appreciated by everyone and to some folks sounds like a great deal of noise that has no place in the music industry. But as a lot of people say, jazz is all about listening to the notes that exist behind the music. In other words it’s something ethereal that not everyone gets, even if they happen to like it but don’t know why. Brent Vaarstra of Learn Jazz Standards says it even better though when he states that jazz is about serving the music, not yourself. This typically means that when playing jazz, your ego is left at the door as you contribute to the music without bias and without expectation, as it’s to be played with no other expectation than to give everything you have in order to make it work and come together. It’s not a perfect process of course, music is more than the mathematical equation that some people boil it down to and it’s also more than the strong and passionate feelings it gives to so many. Music is, in other words, its own entity that requires just as much care and nurturing as those that produce it, no matter how cheesy that might sound. We listen to music in some manner every day whether we know it or not, but the way in which it comes together is what makes it work. Each element has to come without bias and without ego to create a harmony that allows the piece, whatever genre it might be, to truly flow the way it’s meant to. That could be why some jazz music makes sense to so many people and some doesn’t since jazz, like anything else, is a conglomerate of noise given shape and form that while being brought together to form a cohesive unit that can touch just about anyone so long as they’re open to hearing it.

Even if you decide to roll your eyes as I continue to wax on, life is like that as well. Every experience, every instant, and every moment within a life is meant to coincide to create a lasting, cohesive experience that is human existence. No matter how discordant or how chaotic things get, they become a part of the whole that contributes to the lifelong experiment that each individual has to pas through in order to create their own sound, their own symphony, the movement of a soul so to speak. This movie definitely has the look of something that will seek to explain just why a life, no matter how it’s lived, is indeed worth living and dying for considering that from every experience we take something that is meant to push us forward, to help us learn, and to create an expansion of the soul that some people in their cynical ways don’t wish to believe in. Quinn Keaney of PopSugar has more to say about the movie. The movie’s use of the Great Beyond is also kind of nice since it doesn’t appear to mention one set religious practice that could easily spark debate or outrage, and thus keeps things moving with a story line that is most definitely geared to be sincere but also pretty funny considering some of the gags that are shown in the trailer. It should be a great family film to go see, assuming that the theaters are going to stay open and that people are willing to take the risk.

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