The Super Mario Bros Movie is Delayed

The Super Mario Bros Movie is Delayed

Super Mario Bros Movie Chris Pratt Delayed

The “Super Mario Bros Movie” has so far been interesting every step of the way from the official announcement that the film was actually being created, to the casting of Chris Pratt and beyond, to Illumination being behind the film, and now the movie has officially been delayed by just short of a year, as confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Below, we’ve gone over the details of the “Super Mario Bros Movie” delay, and every other detail from the announcement and on.

Illumination, Nintendo, and Universal Collaborate

First, before we dive into the details such as the cast, the announcement, the delay, and other information, let’s go over some of the work Illumination has done, as well as the other company behind the making sure the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” exceeds all expectations. While for the most part, Illumination hasn’t been a name like Dreamworks or Pixar in terms of being a household name, yet, but the company has produced some huge animated hits that certainly stand out from competitors such as the “Despicable Me” series, its prequels, “Minions” and the upcoming “Rise of Gru” movie as well, and even “The Grinch” reboot, and other animated features. So while Illumination has slowly been catching up to Pixar, and the like, the company without a doubt has been the lesser-known animated studio but they have attracted the positive attention of Nintendo for them to allow the studio to successfully portay the Mario family in a different light. Overall, Illumination should make a very unique film with their iteration of the Mario Bros. in the “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which should be worth being delayed, as we’ve been reassured by Nintendo themselves.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Announced

There has long been speculation of if, or nearly when, a “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, outside of the now cult classic live-action film, would be created and we were officially given word that a film was officially in the works when Shigeru Miyamoto appeared during a Nintendo Direct and officially announced the film was in development in September of 2021. Unlike the original “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which was live-action, the new feature will be animated, as could be assumed with Illumination behind the film’s production, and will most closely follow original plots from the video game, versus something entirely original.

Super Mario Bros. Cast

Almost immediately after the announcement of the movie, the main cast was also announced for the project and brought some very interesting, and unique, voices to the upcoming film that fans are more than excited for. As our star plumber, everyone’s favorite Guardian of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, will be the voice of the infamous plumber in the upcoming film, but while Pratt was among the most surprising, many others were announced, as well as the specific roles they will play. Almost immediately fans were reassured that Chris Pratt would not have a heavy Italian accent to accompany the character, and will more likely resemble a less childish version of his “Lego Movie” character. Other actors that have officially rounded out the cast for the now delayed “Super Mario Bros. Movie” are Seth Rogan, Keegan-Michael Key, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Fred Armisen, and Jack Black, as the more notable actors involved in the movie, as well as Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Charles Martinet. Again, while the news of a delay from the highly anticipated Illumination adaptation of the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” was a disappointment, to truly get the perfect movie, especially with such a strong voice cast.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Delayed

Finally, while very few updates were given regarding the apparently short time frame from the initial announcement to when the film was supposed to release, before the 6-month mark until release in December, Nintendo themselves announced that the movie was being pushed back until April, with different dates per region of the world. In the tweet from Nintendo regarding the delayed “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, Miyamoto stated via Twitter, “After consulting with Chris-San, my partner at Illumination on the “Super Mario Bros.” film, we decided to move the global release to Spring 2023-April 28 in Japan and April 7 in North America. My deepest apologies but I promise it will be well worth the wait.” While the reasoning for this could be anywhere from Sonic-related problems such as the way the character actually looks compared to the environment around him, more than likely the reason for the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” being delayed was simply for the increased likeliness to make an overall better product and one that fans will enjoy immediately and for as long as possible.

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