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IT Chapter 2

So yes, we’re well past Halloween as of now, but this still had to be shown since quite honestly it’s a laugh riot that thrusts a great deal of pop culture into one of the more well-known scenes of IT: Chapter 2, and it’s a great credit to the sense of humor that Aldo Jones must have. You almost get the feeling that if half of this stuff was shown in IT you would barely notice it anyway since something is truly, deeply, madly wrong in the town and as a result things just seem so off-kilter that no one in the town realizes that they’re under the influence of a murderous creature that appears as a clown and has been feasting on people for who knows how long. When you think about it that way it’s even more disturbing since it would seem that Pennywise has been around for so long that hiding his true identity and fooling the town would seem like the greatest cover-up in the history of the world since honestly anyone that was born in Derry, moved there, or had anything to do with it might have noticed at one point that missing children and murders seemed to be commonplace, and yet Detroit and Chicago were still likely to be seen as the murder capitals of the US. Jessica Fisher of GeekTyrant had more to say about the video.

With that in mind it’s very easy to laugh at this video since it gets all kinds of crazy and up until Zoolander pops out in what’s basically blackface it’s easy enough to be impressed. IT has gained a lot of fun criticism by those that have done their best to think around it and dissect the story in many different ways ever since the first chapter came out, but you can imagine that the second chapter will be scrutinized even further since obviously it gave an ending to a great story but was only marginally more successful than the miniseries when it came to the final showdown. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with the story is one that Stephen King has practiced with a few stories, he seems to get a bit lazy at the ending and as a result just throws in something that will end it but will prove to be highly dissatisfying. Think about it, throughout two movies we got to see some of the scariest things imaginable and didn’t think twice to question them or even dispute why some of them didn’t make sense. We wanted them to be terrifying, to be absolutely shocked by what we were seeing and simply suspend disbelief until the end finally came. Then the end of the second movie came and…we were kind of let down just a bit.

All that prep work, all that buildup, and the whole thing comes crashing down as Pennywise is stopped by a few harmful insults that somehow shatter his precious ego and force him to retreat. If you haven’t seen the movie as of yet the spoilers won’t really matter since if you get around to seeing it then you’ll understand completely why loving this movie and bashing it are equally okay since quite honestly it raises a few questions and answers less as it progresses to the finale. Laura Bradley from Vanity Fair has more to say on this subject. Having read the book, watched the miniseries, and now watched the movies it seems fair to say that in another ten to twenty years it might be feasible to expect another attempt at making this into something if someone has the guts to do it. Let’s be fair, this version was great until they decided NOT to go against Stephen King’s initial story and do things as close to the book as possible, apart from a couple of the most controversial scenes that obviously weren’t about to make it into the movie. This is one time that a few changes could have possibly been made to really make it look as though the Losers were going to be in some kind of danger and that they might not be making it out. Plus, the whole trek downward into the lair had to have taken a while, but they were out of the lair in record time it feels like once everything started crumbling down around them.

So in all honesty Aldo took something that was already kind of problematic no matter how much so many of us love the story and made it just a bit more comical thanks to the addition of pop culture, and I’ll be one of the many to say that it’s absolutely great since he timed nearly everything just right. It’s perfectly okay to laugh at things you love since it doesn’t weaken them as it might with things you hate or are afraid of, but strengthens them since it means you’re open and can see the humor in just about anything.

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