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The greatest and most unfortunate thing about this fake pitch meeting is that it’s absolutely right when it points out the flaws in the funniest way possible when talking about The Eternals. One of the most obvious and glaring flaws is that they weren’t allowed to help out with the fight against Thanos because they weren’t supposed to influence humanity’s advancement at all. But the kicker is that they did help to advance humanity since they introduced the technology that would allow humans to grow their civilizations, expand, and become the destructive and difficult people they eventually showed themselves to be. So, where was the adherence to the rules set down by the Celestials? Oh, right, those rules were set by writers that forgot what they wrote and tripped over their own script while falling into a plot hole, while thinking it was the way forward. Okay, so it’s not necessary to criticize that much since the movie has been making money, but the fact is that The Eternals script did kind of fumble a bit when it came to being a sensible story. 

There was plenty of action in the movie, that much was nice since it started off with a fight between a Deviant and Ikaris not too far into the movie, and it even had great effects that were a lot of fun to watch. But I’ll agree with the folks at Screenrant on this one, the movie should have been a Disney+ series since the number of main characters in this movie was simply too great to run through even in a two to three-hour span of time given that each character had their own unique personality and needed to be introduced in order for the audience to really get to know them. But nope, a speed run through the movie, taking in key moments in the lives of the characters, was the best choice I guess. 

The Deviants were quite a bit different from the comics since anyone that can remember the comics should know that the Deviants weren’t that different from the Eternals in terms of form. They did evolve quickly, which was seen when one of the Deviants killed an Eternal and stole their powers. But in the comics, things were much different as the Deviants did war with the Eternals constantly, but they also managed to control a great territory that they had taken over since they evolved much quicker than humans. This movie did incorporate some of that, but it also went above and beyond to create a new story that focused on the Eternals that had come to earth thousands of years before and had somehow been allowed to help influence mankind’s evolution in a slow, methodical way even though they weren’t supposed to do so. That rule is kind of a fluid thing it would appear since it was okay for the Eternals to do certain things but not step in when the humans they’d come to love really needed them. But when it came time to gather the rest of the Eternals since the Deviants had returned after being thought extinct and the Emergence had been relayed to Ajak, she found that she couldn’t let the earth be destroyed. 

Ikaris turned out to be the real villain as the Celestial that sent the Eternals to earth, Arishem, is definitely suspect but is still following his nature more than anything since, in order for a Celestial to be born, a planet has to hit a certain population so that it’s energy input is great enough to allow the Celestial within its core to power up. In other words, every world that’s seeded by a Celestial is kind of like a ready-made incubator that holds the seed until it’s ready to grow and give birth to another Celestial that will create another universe but kill the planet that birthed them. That’s the brutal cycle of creation that the Celestials follow since for the longest time it’s been obvious that this is what they’re all about, destroying things and creating them as they follow their own path through one universe after another, using the Eternals and Deviants as they need to in order to continue their species. 

To be perfectly fair, this movie wasn’t that bad and it did have a lot of thrills and great action sequences that were greatly helped by the effects. But trying to cram this much exposition into one movie and then expecting people to sit there for well over two hours and hope that they’ll see enough that will explain the story is kind of risky. Face it, not enough people walking into this movie knew enough about The Eternals before they sat down to watch. The many comic book fans might have known something, but the average moviegoer probably knew next to nothing. Iron Man and Captain America were easy to get into because people knew something about them. That does kind of help. 

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