Check Out This Beautiful “Stranger Things” Cello Medley

This Stranger Things cello melody is in fact very beautiful indeed. Even when it goes into the main theme the melody is so calming that I have to admit that I had to pry my eyes open, not from boredom but because it relaxed me so much that I was starting to doze off. Good music can do this to a person just as surely as boredom can, but in a much more pleasant manner since it’s almost like drifting off to a lullaby. Something about the cello when it’s played right is just so inherently relaxing that it’s hard to resist feeling drowsy. Three of them going at once doesn’t make much of a difference but the sound put all together is haunting in a way even as it helps one to just calm down and listen to the music.

One would almost think that it’s become tiring to hear people playing alternate musical versions of Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and other various themes and songs that come from pop culture but quite honestly each effort has been insanely pleasing to the ear. It also still amazes me to watch people play the cello since just the idea of learning it seems alien to someone that’s never learned a single instrument in his life. Never once have I managed to master anything outside of the standard issue recorder they give children in grade school, and I wasn’t even that great with that.

But the cello almost looks like you would have to learn it upside down as opposed to how it looks upon viewing someone playing the instrument. I get the idea that someone would get used to the motions and where to put their hands but still it seems as if it would be a bit awkward. But watching all three of these musicians play is a wonder and a pleasure as their fingers move up and down the strings, each movement and shift so expertly done that you can imagine that they’ve repeated these motions in their sleep from time to time.

I kind of wonder if the creators of Stranger Things knew what they were going to inspire with their show. My guess would be probably not, but thankfully nothing so far has been so out of line that it’s been offensive. Indeed, most of what has been done with Stranger Things in mind has been either extremely comical or outright wonderful. The musical compositions I’ve seen since season 2 came out and just after season 1 have been nothing short of great and even beautiful in their performance.

It also seems that syncing up with two other cello players might be kind of difficult as well. Trying to find the right notes to lead in on and then taking the time to really get to know each other’s style of play seems like it would take some time.  But their effort and their execution of the Stranger Things theme is so great that it’s obvious that they hit their stride quite easily and made it work for what they needed.

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