Charlize Theron’s Doctor Strange 2 Character Explained

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Charlize Theron’s career speaks for itself. She’s the actress unafraid to do what it takes to bring a role to life. She’s been a bombshell. She’s been a monster. She put herself into hair and makeup to become a living, breathing monster when she became serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the true story “Monster.” From 1989 to 1900, Aileen Wuornos prostituted herself up and down the Florida interstates and highways for a year. She killed seven of the men she picked up and left their bodies. She was arrested, tried, convicted, and put to death on October 9, 2002. Theron was not afraid to get ugly for the role in 2003, earning her an Academy Award. So fans went wild when Charlize Theron in Doctor Strange 2 made her appearance. Here’s what we know.

Her Character Was Nameless

Charlize Theron’s Doctor Strange 2 character was a nameless one for a while. She didn’t have a name in the movie, but it’s part of the Marvel excitement. The movies like to take people that you don’t see coming and bring them on board, even if it’s only for a moment. There’s always something to excite fans, and it’s often difficult to keep a secret when it’s being handled. So who is Charlize Theron’s Doctor Strange 2 character, Clea?

Clea Has a Place and a Time to Appear

Her appearance wasn’t just an accident. It was entirely on purpose, and it was something she was meant to do. Diehard fans of the Doctor Strange storyline can tell you where to find her. She’s from 1964. She was part of a story called Strange Tales, issue 126. If you don’t follow the story that closely, it’s a little more challenging to tell you who she is, but we will do our best. The truth about Marvel is there are two types of Marvel fans. There are fans who intimately know the comic books and everything about them, from the characters to the episodes to the storylines for every character. Then, some love a good movie and a story, but they don’t follow the comics.

Credit: @charlizeafrica

For those who don’t follow the comics, Clea is powerful. She’s got some serious magic that allows her to do things many cannot. She’s referred to as a Sorcerer Supreme. She’s from the Dark Dimension. She’s related to someone called Dormammu. Again, if you don’t follow the comics, you likely don’t recognize any of this, and it isn’t very sensible – and probably not explained well as it’s coming from non-comic book followers. Though we know this guy was part of the original Doctor Strange movie, he might be a little more familiar.

What is Clea’s Purpose?

She’s got one, for sure. She’s a Faltine. Well, she’s half Faltine. She’s also half a mortal from the Dark Dimension. She is not someone who likes to use her powers for evil. She prefers to do things that are a little better, a lot more heroic, and not quite part of the family business or legacy. This leaves some people upset with her, but that’s not the point. The point is that she’s rather powerful. What are her powers? She’s got a little bit of everything. She can fly. She can start a fire. She can teleport. Her powers are almost limitless, which is why she is so important and valuable to her family and those around her.

Will Charlize Theron’s Doctor Strange 2 Character Come Back?

We certainly are no marvel experts, but we think so. She made such a quick appearance in this movie that we must believe she will return. Why? Because she is someone who has a lot to offer. It turns out that her story is a lot more in-depth than it appears from her quick show. Without giving anything away, we do know that she works alongside Doctor Strange. He becomes something of a mentor to her. She’s someone who looks up to him and the work that he does, and that’s one thing.

Credit: @charlizeafrica

She also falls in love with Doctor Strange. At some point, we understand the two wed, but there is a legal issue with their marriage. It might not be near as binding as they imagine, but it works for them. So, if we had to put money on it, we would assume she would be back in another Marvel Universe matter. So many do come back when we didn’t see it coming.

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