Charlie Hunnam Replaces Hugh Jackman In Wolverine Fan Trailer

Charlie Hunnam Replaces Hugh Jackman In Wolverine Fan Trailer

Charlie Hunnam Replaces Hugh Jackman In Wolverine Fan Trailer

Charlie Hunnam as Logan/Wolverine would be a sensible move since we’ve already seen that he can be gruff from his days on Sons of Anarchy as Jax Teller. But it would also be great since as irreplaceable as Hugh Jackman is there’s one thing that a lot of people were always wanting to see that was never really incorporated into the movies, and that’s the fact that Wolverine is an expert in combat. It’s true that his berserker rage gets the best of him at times but he’s had such a long life that he’s been able to learn a slew of different combat styles and yet we’ve never seen a single one get put into the movies. Perhaps with Hunnam that would be a possibility since he’s been seen to get downright physical in some of his movies such as King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and Pacific Rim. Plus, despite being on his way to 40 he’s still fairly young looking and could possibly pull off that look for a while to come. Giving him a chance among many others would be a very wise idea since despite his accent, which does come out from time to time, he’s still a great actor that doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the work he does on the big screen. Pacific Rim might not have been the best movie in the world but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

At this point unfortunately there might need to be a lot of revisionist history in Logan’s timeline that would have to occur since his life has been taken from childhood to adulthood, roughly, with big gaps in the middle that might be possible to explain but would still beg for a story to be told. Unfortunately the only thing that would really keep him from being picked as the Canadian X-Man is the same thing that a lot of people noticed with Hugh Jackman, Hunnam is 6’1″, well over the height of the famed mutant. A lot of people have let this go since Jackman put in such a great performance, but if one reads the comics they’ll see without any issue that Wolverine is one of the shortest X-Men around. It’s been a part of his character for a long time now even though his height doesn’t really limit him all that much. Putting in characters that are well over his height kind of ruins the whole idea of it, but at the same time if Jackman could be given a pass then it needs to be given to anyone that can play the role.

Again though, Wolverine’s story would need a reboot no matter who takes over since from his origin to his ending in Logan, there’s been a lot told about him, but obviously not everything. As one of the oldest X-Men on the team he predates pretty much his entire team in the movies, and in fact Apocalypse is the only one that trumps him in a big way. Seeing Hunnam as Wolverine could be interesting since he might actually have to bulk up for the role despite being pretty muscular since Logan has almost always been pretty ripped in the comics and people would definitely want to see Hunnam be as impressive as he can be. As far as his acting talent goes there’s not a lot that needs to be done for Wolverine if one is going to be serious about the part. The fact that Jackman was so loved in the role for so long is because he pushed it to the edge and made it his own without erasing the source material in order to do it. Any actor coming after him is going to have to do the same thing while putting their own stamp on it. This means that Hunnam couldn’t be channeling Jax Teller or any other character in an attempt to make the role work. This might be a lot of conjecture at this point since there’s no telling just who the next Wolverine is really going to be, but Hunnam’s name should at least be in the mix. Right now the actors that are being considered include Tom Hardy, Taron Eggerton,  Scott Eastwood, Travis Fimmel, Jai Courtney, Anson Mount, Dafne Keen, Jason Momoa, Taylor Kitsch, and several others. There’s no shortage of names that are being rumored to be in line for the part, but it’s really a matter of who can take on the role and make it work. Dafne Keen would of course represent the new version of Wolverine, X-23, but from a personal standpoint Hunnam would be in the top three, while Eastwood and Hardy would be right behind, with Momoa somewhere near the top and Travis Fimmel hanging out somewhere near the middle to back of the line. Mathew Stevens of CBR has them in a little different order, but it’s not likely that everyone will agree.

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