Casting a Dr. Seuss Biopic

Casting a Dr. Seuss Biopic

A lot of us have read Dr. Seuss books, yeah? Well it shouldn’t be too hard to believe that a biopic of the famed children’s author should be an idea that would be brought to the screen. But who to cast for his role, and that of his wife, would be kind of difficult to really pin down since we’d have to know just what period of the man’s life that a director was going to focus on. If you go by the example in a Deadline article by Anita Busch then it would be easy enough to assume that one actor for each role could be used and then aged as is appropriate as the story moves along. Plans for this were started in 2018 and yet so far all that can be found is that it’s ‘in the works’ which usually means it’s stuck in development hell for one reason or another, likely because whoever is trying to push for it to be released, or even filmed, is finding too many difficulties along the way.

There is a select number of individuals that could possibly play the role role of Theodor Guisel, the man behind the name and the many different stories that have taught us so much over the years, all one has to do is find a person that looks similar to the man and then proceed. I know, that sounds way too simplified and isn’t as easy as it might seem, but at times it almost feels as though Hollywood needlessly complicates the issue of who to cast in what and how it will work. Looks along aren’t quite enough as the actors in question have to actually want the part and need to be able to tap into the idea of who they’re playing. Beyond that however it’s a bunch of theory, method, and other variables that, unless you’re actor or someone in show business, might seem like a lot of busy work that is a bit involved for the casual audience member. With that in mind though casting someone that looks like him, can talk like him, and can at least imitate his talents would be a wise move.

Dr. Seuss is a name that a lot of people know for the creation of various stories such as the always famous Cat in the Hat, which is pretty much the spokesperson for the Seuss name. There are also other popular stories such as The Lorax, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and many upon many books that have been left with the Seuss imprint that are great lessons for kids and enjoyable tales that might not always make sense but are still a great deal of fun. As I-Huei Go of The New Yorker stated Seuss was actually pretty instrumental in changing education. Those books that come under the Seuss name usually have some moral or educational purpose to them, and it would be fun to think that the movie would be the same way, perhaps showing the same principles that the author and artist put into his works. As kids many of us smiled and even laughed at the many rhymes that were fashioned to teach us an important lesson, entertain us, and in other ways simply inform us of the wide world of fantasy and fun that was out there to be discovered in literature.

You might have been hoping to see my picks for casting in this article when it comes to who would play the iconic character and the woman that would become his muse, but quite honestly it’s really hard to pick since there are plenty of actors out there that could fill these roles, but only a handful that might actually do the part some justice and really enchant us with the life and story of a man that managed to inspire generation after generation of people that have enjoyed the stories he put forth and the messages he’s been sending us for years. Theodor passed away in the 90s but his influence has been continuing throughout the years as parents purchase the books, the movies, and manage to pass on their joy and wonder to the kids that will thankfully know the same kind of imaginative awe at something that has been criticized throughout the years but has never failed us when it comes to entertainment and even a great deal of satisfaction since the stories themselves are something special that aren’t to be discounted in any way.

So imagine if you want to someone that could possibly step into the shoes of Dr. Seuss and his lovely wife and you might get a few participants that would fit the bill quite nicely. It wouldn’t be too hard, but it would be a bit presumptuous to say that just anyone could do it no matter how it sounded in the beginning of the article. The actor would need to be someone that was dedicated to the role, and would be able to actually become Seuss for a while.

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