UK Police Force Uses Dalek to Scare People Into Self-Isolating

UK Police Force Uses Dalek to Scare People Into Self-Isolating

UK Police Force Uses Dalek to Scare People Into Self-Isolating

Unless you’re a Doctor Who fan and take the show entirely too seriously this representation of a Dalek that police in the UK are using to possibly monitor and even scare people into self-isolating might be seen as kind of an odd joke that was meant to be serious. It gains points for being inventive at least since anyone that knows what a Dalek is might have been watching from their window or their front yard as the person that took this video obviously was. To those that aren’t informed however, Dalek’s are fairly nasty creatures that use the pepper-pot-looking shells that so many fans have seen and come to know as armor of sorts and a transportation device, as well as a weapon, all rolled into one. The actual creature inside the machine is a fleshy alien that on its own can still be dangerous and even deadly, but is far more formidable when encased in its impressive armor-like apparatus. Having been a part of the Doctor Who saga for quite some time the Dalek’s have evolved along with many other creatures and characters thanks to the special effects that have continued to expand throughout the years. For instance, there used to be a time when the aliens were more than effective on level ground and could make up for any difference in elevation with superior firepower, but throughout the years it’s been seen that one of the few things that Dalek’s couldn’t manage, stairs, are no longer an impediment since they can now elevate and hover in midair, meaning that there’s nowhere a person could possibly run from them unless they find total concealment.

It’s pretty comical to see a Dalek roaming the streets of the UK at this point since it implies that someone has a fairly decent sense of humor and might be into reminding people that social distancing is still very much needed, but in a way that might get people to smile about it at least instead of being so insanely depressed. Georgia Simcox of the Daily Mail has more to say on this matter.That is what’s needed after all as of now, a reason to smile and actually realize that as tough as life is, and it’s become rough for a great many people, there are still many reasons to smile and many reasons to keep moving on with life since to do anything less would be to give into whatever despair is waiting on the other side of the metaphorical curtain. Making people laugh, smile, or simply feel better about themselves in some way is a boon and while I and several others have been cynical and even aggressively sarcastic towards such efforts, there are a couple of things to remember. One, it’s our way of coping in a time when the stress and continual buildup of idiocy continues to press itself against the face of society at every turn, and two, it’s a reaction to those that refuse to look at the pleasures and enjoyment we still have in this world. There’s still plenty to be positive about even as the coronavirus continues to play a huge part in eroding what we think of as a normal existence, and remembering what we’ve still got is the best way to avoid losing any chance to laugh, live, and simply enjoy what we can still do every day. Seeing a Dalek roll down the street warning people to self-isolate and stay in their homes is pretty funny when you think about it, and a lot of Doctor Who fans probably got a kick out of it if they managed to see the spectacle.

Someone might have to be rather paranoid to assume that the police are trying to force people to stay inside with a single Dalek and no other show of force, which means this was a funny and endearing way to go about reminding people that even if they are going stir crazy at this point it’s still important to keep our distance from each other and practice social distancing as much as possible until the coronavirus has finally passed. Hopefully that will be before too long since a lot of people are starting to wonder just how the economy in their given country and even worldwide is going to be doing after a month or two has passed and people haven’t been able to go back to work. Thankfully those that are seen as essential are still out doing what they can to help others and to keep what’s left of the economy going as people have finally calmed down a bit and aren’t hoarding as much as they did in the first couple weeks of the outbreak. If you can believe it, a lot of stores now have toilet paper in the aisles again after a limit was finally placed on how many packages that could be bought at a time. Lisa Rowan of Lifehacker has more to say on this topic. Thank goodness for small favors.

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