Cast of Pinocchio Live-Action 2022

Cast of Pinocchio Live-Action 2022
Disney Pinocchio cast 2022 live-action

Credit: Pinocchio/Disney

Pinocchio has been one of the more famous Dinsey productions and, surprisingly, one of the few classic Disney properties that weren’t redesigned from a darker Grimm Brothers story. Although Pinocchio has been a popular children’s story for a long time now, the boy of wood brought to life was brought in two different forms to streaming platforms this year: Netflix and Disney+. There have been several Pinocchio renditions over the years. Still, this year alone, we were given a live-action Disney adaptation on their streaming service and an animated version by no other than rebounded filmmaker Guillermo del Toro for Netflix. While it was undoubtedly weird that both were released in the same year and damn near each other, Disney’s will likely remain the favored rendition of the two released in 2022. Below, we’ve detailed the Disney+ live-action rendition of Pinocchio in 2022, specifically its cast.

Jiminy Cricket 2022

Credit: Pinocchio/Disney

Original Pinocchio

Most know of the original Pinocchio story, one that Disney hadn’t changed throughout its several incarnations over the years, outside of the production value and level of effects used to make the movie possible and the growing supply of talent to take over the characters in a new setting and light. The original story of Pinocchio was first published in a book in 1883 until Disney adapted the character in 1940 with various changes to make him more likable for their adaptation. While the core concept of Pinocchio stayed the same, such as the character being a wooden boy turned real, facing situations of essential good versus evil, and of course, being eaten by a whale and the survival fight. Outside of Disney’s incarnation, as mentioned above, a 2022 stop-motion animated Pinocchio movie dropped on Netflix. Still, before 2022, Pinocchio was reimagined in various media, such as a television movie focused on Geppetto, the first television portrayal of the character by comedian Spike Jones, and more. One aspect of Pinocchio that hasn’t changed throughout any incarnation of the character has been, and will likely remain, the growing nose of lies.

cat Gippetto 2022

Credit: Pinocchio/Disney

Pinocchio 2022

As for Pinocchio in 2022, the two adaptations mentioned above have been the most noteworthy. Although both were new in terms of animation and budget, it’s hard for one to wish to watch both in such a short time when the themes are likely eerily similar. However, it was no surprise that Disney would release a new live-action version of Pinocchio sometime soon since the company has been on an unstoppable path of releasing a live-action rendition of their most famous pieces of work. While it is upcoming, Disney has recently released the first teaser trailer for their live-action rendition of The Little Mermaid. Disney has also released live-action renditions of Dumbo, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and Alladin, with some released in 2019. Original adaptations that Disney has made regarding live-action versions of films include the Maleficent series, Christopher Robin, a Winnie the Pooh rendition, and Cruella, an original telling of how Cruella became, well, Cruella. While Netflix has pushed out its own Pinocchio rendition, and Disney has been pushing out live-action renditions like nothing, it was no surprise that Pinocchio arrived in two different forms in 2022 with the vast cast members.

Disney puppet 2022

Credit: Pinocchio/Disney

Pinocchio 2022 Cast

As for the specific cast of the Disney Pinocchio live-action rendition, familiar names like Ewan McGregor that have appeared in the Netflix 2022 Pinocchio rendition may not appear, but Disney never goes half-hearted in their character casting, and 2022 should be no different. However, the most notable names among the Disney Pinocchio live-action 2022 cast include Tom Hanks, Keegan Michael-Key, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Luke Evans, but more than twice that many actors have appeared in the film, by either voice or overall presence. Of the most notable names from the 2022 live-action Pinocchio movie, Tom Hanks portrayed famed-father of Pinocchio Geppetto, Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced conscious of Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, while Keegan Michael-Key portrayed Honest John, one of the obstacle-forming con-men that Pinocchio must navigate. Luke Evans, one of the most known names from the 2022 live-action Pinocchio adaptation, portrays The Coachman, in which he turned rebellious youth into donkeys before being sold off. Other cast members include Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, the titular Pinocchio with Loraine Bracco as Sofia, a seagull, Cynthia Erivo as The Blue Fairy, Giuseppe Battiston as evil puppeteer Stromboli, and other characters from the previous adaptations and original book is included in more minor roles as well. Characters such as Fabiana, Sabina, Signor Rizzi, Signora Vitelli, Lampwick, and even the animals Figaro the Cat, Cleo the Goldfish, and Monstro the Sea Monster. Regardless of its cast, the Disney live-action rendition was dubbed as too close to the original and, outside of the effects, not much of a new story.

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