Violent Night 2 is Going to Happen

Violent Night 2 is Going to Happen
Violent Night 2 is Going to Happen

Credit: Violent Night

Violent Night 2 is going to happen; it’s just a matter of when. The violent Christmas story delivered in the latter part of 2022 will return with the same writing crew and director but obviously a few different cast members. 

It’s too early to know much about the movie at this time. However, it does sound as though the next movie could possibly focus on widening the story. The second movie could feature the North Pole, the elves, and even Mrs. Claus if things develop that way. 

What else will be seen in the second movie is unknown. There are a lot of different ways this could play out. Seeing how the first movie turned a bloodthirsty Viking into Santa Claus, it’s tough to nail down what the second movie will reveal. 

With David Harbour coming back though, it’s easy to think that the second movie will keep the sense of humor that was developed. Plenty of stories about Santa Claus have come and gone over the years. But few of them have shown Santa as a badass fighter. In fact, a lot of them don’t even touch upon such a thing. 

Violent Night 2 is Going to Happen

Credit: Violent Night

Some folks don’t care to see a violent Santa

For a lot of people, Santa Claus should be jolly and non-violent. But while Harbour isn’t the first violent Santa, he’s one of the best. His ability to take on a character and make it his own is great since it becomes memorable immediately. 

2020 saw the release of Fatman, another Christmas movie that featured an ill-tempered Santa Claus. Mel Gibson took on the role of the titular character, and while the movie wasn’t a huge hit, it was interesting. Billy Bob Thornton is another individual that took on the appearance of Santa while promoting bad habits. But as many people would state, his role wasn’t quite the same.

The point is that the image of Santa Claus has changed over the years. A violent makeover is not the worst thing that could happen. However, it does require an open mind since it’s not all candy canes and cookies. David Harbour is one of the best individuals to take on such a role. He not only makes it funny, but he’s also a big guy that can look imposing. 

The use of comedy and action gives Harbour a good base to work with

Comedy and action are an odd pairing sometimes. But when adding Christmas to the mix, one usually gets…Home Alone. Okay, so there were elements of this in Violent Night, but Harbour’s own brand of comedy is fun since it’s light but still has a few rough edges. 

This Santa is the type that has lost a lot of faith in Christmas, but he’s not the first to portray such a lack in the movies. Over the years, many Christmas movies have used this theme. But by injecting comedy into the mix, along with action and drama, it becomes a story that’s easier to get into

Some of the funnier aspects are a bit dark, but they liven the mood in a very appreciated way. 

Violent Night 2 is Going to Happen

Credit: Violent Night

One has to wonder who will play Mrs. Claus

As Santa’s wife and number one helper, Mrs. Claus has been seen as tough in ways that aren’t always shown. But considering that Harbour’s character is a former Viking in this movie, it is interesting to think of whether Mrs. Claus is from the same background. It’s unclear if many Viking women were just as tough as the men, but in a movie, it feels like a useful idea. 

Not only this, but leaving Mrs. Claus at the North Pole makes it feel that her mental and physical toughness should be at a certain level. It’s uncertain how this will be reflected in the coming sequel, though. What is easy to say is that Mrs. Claus should make the cut this time. 

As for the elves, it does feel that some folks might have something to say about this. How to represent such a workforce is uncertain, but other Christmas movies have found their way around it. Fiction does allow for a lot of creative ideas. 

Production hasn’t started yet

At this time, it doesn’t sound as though anything has started yet. The movie is going to happen. That much is evident, but as of now, it’s still in the idea phase. There’s no doubt that when something gets going that there will be more to report on. 

The whole idea of David Harbour as Santa Claus is an amusing picture that came to life in a great way. The crew is hoping that the sequel will amaze the fans as well. This is why nothing is being rushed at this time so that they can deliver the best possible experience. 


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