Cartoon Donald Trump Explains His Huge Numbers to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Donald Trump

After first making an appearance last week on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Cartoon Donald Trump made his triumphant return to the late night talk show last night. So why was Mr. Cartoon Trump there again? He showed up to explain to Stephen Colbert how his polling numbers remain “huge” in Wisconsin, despite the fact that Ted Cruz is beating him in almost every poll.

As Colbert pointed out before Cartoon Donald Trump came on The Late Show, the real Donald Trump tweeted out a post thanking Wisconsin, showing him with 37 percent of the state’s vote, even though, just underneath that, were Ted Cruz’s numbers, which showed that he had 38 percent. The only difference between the two numbers (aside from the fact that Cruz’s is obviously a bigger one) is that Trump’s polling percentage was written in a much larger font. However, no matter how hard Colbert tried to tell Cartoon Donald Trump that a larger font did not equate to a bigger number, the Donald wouldn’t hear it.

“Look at the numbers, Stephen,” Trump told Colbert. “Mine are clearly bigger. They’re huge! My numbers could crush Ted Cruz’s numbers in a Pay-Per-View fight at my Las Vegas hotel. The best buffet: so much shrimp, you’ll think you died, and they dumped your body in the ocean.”

“Well, that does sound appealing,” Colbert responded. “That sounds lovely, but that does not change the fact that more Wisconsinites support Ted Cruz.”

“Then those Wisconsinites will have to be punished,” Trump responded.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s entire interview with Cartoon Donald Trump below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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