10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carson Peters

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carson Peters

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Carson Peters

This is the season that big things are happening on “The Voice”. It seems like this happens every season, but the world is blown away by how many performers are finding all four judges turning around in their seats to see if they can convince singers and performers to be part of their team. When Carson Peters walked on stage for his own blind audition, he blew all four judges away to the point that they all turned around. Who did he choose? What is he like? Why is he so talented? We have everything you want to know right here.

1. He is a Teenager

The thing that blows us away the most about this young man is that he is so young. He’s only 17, still a child, still living at home with his parents. He’s not an adult with years of musical experience and a career behind him. He’s a high school student just chasing his dreams.

2. He’s From Tennessee

This young man is from a small town in Tennessee. It seems most towns in Tennessee are small, and this one fits the bill precisely. He is from Piney Flats, and you can bet that he has a huge crowd cheering for him at home. They’re all ready to see one of their own hit it big.

3. He Loves Bluegrass

At the end of the day, Carson Peters is a young man who loves bluegrass music most of all. He finds that this is where his passions lie and this is what he loves the most. He is so excited about this venture, and he wants the world to know who he is and what he finds inspirational and important.

4. He’s Instrumental, Too

In case you thought this talented young man was only talented in terms of his voice, you’d be mistaken. He’s also instrumental. He can play the fiddle, which might be one of the coolest things around. You don’t find many teenagers capable of playing this instrument – you won’t even find that many interested in playing it, to be honest. This young man began playing the fiddle when he was only three.

5. He is in a Band

Carson Peters is in a band, and the band is named for him. It’s Carson Peters and Iron Mountain. They have their own website, they play locally and anywhere they can land a gig, and they focus on bluegrass and gospel music.

6. His Dad is Talented, Too

The wonderful thing about Carson Peters is that he takes after his father. His father is also in a band, and he is also quite talented. In fact, he and his father are in the same band, and we cannot think of anything more fun than that. They are so sweet together, and this is one father-son duo that we imagine really works well together.

7. He’s Been on “The Tonight Show,”

When he was younger, he was invited to play on late-night television. He played with Jay Leno when he was hosting the show, and it was the biggest honor for this young man to be able to do something so profound and so exciting when he wasn’t even a teenager at that point. He’s also been on the Steve Harvey show.

8. He’s Performed at the Grand Ole Opry…Twice

This young man’s biggest dream came true in 2014. He was only around 10 at the time, and he was invited to play at the Grand Ole Opry. He was invited by Ricky Skaggs. He performed with his band, Kentucky Thunder, and it was the moment that he’s spent his entire short life preparing for at that point. A few months later, he was asked back to the Opry with his own bad and was able to perform a second time.

9. He Has a Reason for Playing

According to this talented young man, being famous and being talented are cool and all, but nothing compares to the simple fact that this young man is just excited to have a chance to use his God-given talents. God gave him a gift, and he is here on this earth to use that gift and to make it his own.

10. He’s Got Other Interests

When Carson Peters isn’t performing with his band, he is probably playing baseball or golfing. Perhaps he is hunting or riding around on his four-wheeler. He has a lot of interests outside of his music, though his music is his number one passion.“The Voice

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