10 Things Movies Get Wrong about High School and Bullies

10 Things Movies Get Wrong about High School and Bullies

10 Things Movies Get Wrong about High School and Bullies

High school has always been a popular setting for movies. In fact, the way high school is depicted on the big screen often shapes young people’s perceptions about what their high school experience will be like. However, anyone who has already gone through high school knows that it’s almost nothing like what you see in the movies. Bullies are among the things that aren’t always the way they’re shown in movies. While bullies tend to fit a specific mold when they’re brought to life on the big screen, they don’t usually fit into just one box in the real world. Continue reading to see our list of 10 things movies get wrong about high school and bullies.

1. Everyone Looks Like They’re In Their 20s

One of the first things you’ll probably notice in movies about high school is that everyone looks like they’re well into their 20s. That’s because the majority of actors cast in these movies are actually in their 20s. Although there are lots of talented teen actors out there, producers often go with adults instead due to restrictions around the number of hours that minors can work. While using older actors may make the production process smoother, it also creates an incredibly unrealistic picture of what high schoolers look like. In reality, high school is an awkward time for a lot of people. Between acne, braces, and weird growth spurts, most people would probably agree that they didn’t look anywhere near their best when they were in high school.

2. Students Look Their Best Every Day

In addition to looking much older than real teenagers, many of the high school students in movies also look like they just stepped off of the cover of some kind of fashion magazine. Their clothes are always cute and well put together and you won’t usually catch them wearing the same thing twice. Sure, there are teens in real life who put their best fashion-foot forward on a regular basis, but there are also lots of people who roll out of bed, throw on whatever they can find, and head to school.

3. Students Can Hang Out In The Hallways

Almost every movie that’s set in high school features at least one scene that shows everyone hanging out in the hallway and talking by their lockers. The truth, however, is that the hallway doesn’t tend to be the hangout spot. Most high schools only allow a few minutes for students to be in the hallway between classes. Once the bell rings, it’s fairly uncommon for students to be allowed back into the hallway unless they have an approved reason.

4. The Dumb Jock Stereotype

The stereotype that athletes are unintelligent is one that has existed for a very long time. Lots of movies depict athletes as having very little interest in academics or as being too dense to understand what’s going on in class. For years, the concept of the “dumb jock” was actually a part of American culture with many people really believing that people couldn’t play sports and be smart. What we know, though, is that a person’s athletic ability has nothing to do with their level of intelligence. There are lots of great high school athletes who also excel in the classroom.

5. Bullies Always Have Symapathetic Side

Bullies play a role in almost every movie that’s set in high school. On the surface, these bullies are cruel and obnoxious. Underneath that, however, they are often depicted as people who come from sad backgrounds and bully others as a way to hide their own insecurities. While there is definitely some truth to the idea that some people use bullying as a defense mechanism, there are some people who are just downright mean for no apparent reason.

6. There’s Always A Cool Young Teacher

In almost every movie set in high school, there seems to be at least one young teacher that many of the students feel like they can relate to. Oftentimes, some students even develop a crush on this teacher. Sure, there really are some young teachers out there, but most students don’t have the kind of relationships with their teachers that are depicted in movies.

7. It’s Always Easy To Identify The Bullies

High school bullies tend to have a certain look or attitude in movies. Since each character has a specific role in a movie, it’s important for viewers to be able to identify the villain. In real life, though, it’s not always as easy to know who the bullies are. Some people, especially in high school, are good at pretending to be nice all while waiting for the perfect moment to stab someone in the back.

8. Parents Are Rarely Around

Have you ever watched a movie about high school and wondered where the hell everyone’s parents are? If the answer is yes, you certainly aren’t alone. In movies, high school students rarely have any adult supervision. They’re always out and about and they have the freedom to do almost anything they want. However, anyone who has ever been a teenager knows that this is very rarely really the case.

9. There’s A Huge Party Every Weekend

Of course, plenty of people party when they’re in high school but it’s not usually to the extent that it’s shown in movies. High school students in movies often spend every weekend at a big house party which, again, shows them as having absolutely zero adult supervision.

10. People Are Bullied For Being Smart

In movies, any student that is even remotely interested in school is considered a nerd. These are the kids who often end up being the target of bullying. In actual high school settings, being smart doesn’t always mean that someone is going to be bullied. There are many smart kids who are also part of the popular crowd.

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