10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cardi B

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cardi B

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cardi B

There is a very serious mob mentality when it comes to stars like Cardi B since some might decide to criticize and even downplay how important she really is while many others that happen to like her music and think she’s great will rush to her defense and go full-on attack mode on those folks. From a neutral standpoint Cardi B does have talent and she does have the look that is required at times for the business, but she is also a bit over the top, which is also useful, and comes off as a rather polarizing figure that seems to thrive on the messages she receives be they good or bad. How a person feels about Cardi B is honestly a matter of opinion as it is with anyone else, but as many other celebrities have done she has stoked the fires more than once when it comes to determining how people will see her, no matter that she has openly stated that she will do as she pleases.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Cardi B.

10. She’s been very open about the time she spent as a stripper.

Whether or not you think stripping is a worthwhile profession is kind of irrelevant since it exists and it has existed for some time. It’s a way for some folks to appreciate beauty and hopefully not act like lustful animals, and for those that strip to earn a decent living depending on where they work and how well they perform.

9. People used to call her Bacardi, that’s where her professional name stemmed from.

This should put to rest a lot of questions concerning her professional name since it does make a lot of sense if you really look at it and come to understand the reasoning behind it. People get nicknames from just about anywhere, but a lot of them usually come from their name or something to do with their character.

8. She was a member of the Bloods from the age of 16.

The gang life has taken in a lot of younger folks since they tend to see the fast living and plentiful bankroll and think that this is the way to live. It’s also a product of where they happen to live and could possibly be something they’re pressured into, or a way to keep themselves safe by knowing they’ve got people that will have their back in a crisis.

7. Cardi had a job at a grocery store before she turned to stripping.

Unfortunately she got fired from the store and the manager told her that she might as well get a job as a stripper. That could be seen as a very negative thing to say but Cardi decided to turn it into a positive and took the manager’s advice.

6. Stripping turned into a positive change in her life.

A lot of people would argue with this since stripping is seen as something that women get into for the money while holding down other jobs as well. But Cardi managed to turn her life around thanks to stripping and even started going to school.

5. She did attend community college but dropped out eventually.

Community college is nothing to laugh at since it can be every bit as hard as a regular university or state college. But the validity of going to school kind of fades away when you drop out, no matter what the reason is. Staying in school for the long haul is often beneficial to those that know how to make it work, but obviously Cardi found something else that worked even better.

4. Her fame comes mostly from her videos on Vine and Instagram.

This is where her fame started at least, online where she went viral after a while and started gaining followers left and right that supported her and wanted to see more. From there it was a quick climb to where she’s at now.

3. Cardi does have a tendency to not think before doing things.

This alludes mainly to the point and time when she decided to throw a shoe at Nikki Minaj after the other singer reportedly said something about the way that Cardi was taking care of her baby. It’s all well and good to get upset at someone but doing something that amounts to assault is a clear sign that a person reacts before really thinking things through.

2. She is very vocal when it comes to politics.

Cardi was and perhaps still is a big supporter of Bernie and and Hillary and has been adamant that Trump is not the kind of person that needs to be in office. She’s not shy about giving her opinion, but there are times when she doesn’t seem as well informed as she should be.

1. One thing people wonder is how she changes diapers with her fingernails being so long.

Yes, this was actually a thing. People on Twitter couldn’t imagine just how she would change diapers or do anything with her child without harming her with her long, ungainly fingernails. Feel free to shake your head at this one.

Cardi B, for better or worse, is a celebrity, but she also seems to prove that it’s not terribly difficult to reach that status these days.

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