Breaking Down The Trailer For new Shark Movie “The Meg”

Breaking Down The Trailer For new Shark Movie “The Meg”

We have seen in recent years, we have seen the rise in the recreation and imagination that is monsters. In our society, the bigger, the better, and there is nothing bigger and more terrifying than the legend that is the Megalodon. This giant, prehistoric beast of a shark is now making a splash onto the big screen in its first major feature film. In this article, we are going to give you details inside of this new film, and break down what we as fans can expect as the first trailer has been released. Let’s get started with our closer look.

The Legend Of The Megalodon

In case you have never heard of the Megalodon before, or if you have never tuned into Shark Week for that matter, the legend suggests the existence of an ancient and monstrous shark that grew up to the size of about 50 feet in length. The beast is said to have existed about 2 million years ago; However, ‘evidence’ that has been uncovered has led some researchers to believe that there is a possibility that the creature is still alive and lurking in the waters below today. Although there has been no outright proof that the Megalodon is still alive today, there are still many theories regarding its existence, and ‘eye witness’ accounts that seem to argue otherwise. Either way, the conspiracies surrounding the Megalodon has created quite a fan base all across the world, and has led to its success in the media thus far.

What Fans Can Expect From The Film

Now, when it comes to the new film, ‘The Meg’, that is set to be released this coming August, we are sure that this is going to be one of the bigger blockbusters of the season. Although much of the trailer shows the typical predictability that we often see in “shark terrorizing beach” films that have been released throughout the years, we are seeing a lot of high quality differences that will make it one of a kind (not to mention the sheer fascination that the Megalodon has worldwide). Nothing quite compares to a good shark movie, and although the first trailer release has seemed to make a bit of a comical spectacle of the storyline, we can tell there are going to be those suspenseful, jumpy moments built in as well. As a bonus, the movie has quite a decent cast line up, including that of Jason Statham and Rainn Wilson (‘The Office’). What many fans might not realize is that the film is actually based on the science fiction novel that was written by author Steve Alten.

Whether you see this new film as just another shark movie, or whether you are having a hard time hiding your anticipation, it is clear to see that ‘The Meg’ is going to make one heck of a splash when it hits theaters this upcoming season. If you want to watch the trailer for the new film yourself, or if you would like to try to dig up more details about what to expect, you can find everything you need online.


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