Five Mediocre Actors Who Are Consistently in Great Movies

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Calling pretty much any actor mediocre these days is bound to incur the wrath of quite a few fans since a lot of people tend to think that their favorite actor is anything but mediocre and is in fact either underrated or the best thing to happen to acting since…ever. In terms of saying that anyone is mediocre though it has mostly to do with their overall act. Are they able to be versatile? Do they present the same type of character over and over? Are they just extremely lucky to get cast into great movies? There are a lot of factors that go into being great, but the greatest actors tend to be those that are not unlike chameleons with their craft as they can become just about anyone they need to be and make people believe in them, and essentially disappear into a movie as easily as they stand out. The only thing that mediocre really means is that an actor has made it to the big time, they’re good, and they’re skilled enough to get the attention that many gladly give them. It’s not a mark of being plain or undesirable to be realistic.

Here are some of the mediocre actors that tend to get cast in great movies.

5. Keanu Reeves

I can almost hear people groaning on this one when they try to wrap their minds around Keanu being mediocre in any way. The plain truth here though is that as good as he is, and he is pretty good, he has roughly the same act with each character, as he only needs to change it so much for each movie. The whole ‘surfer dude’ vibe has been prevalent throughout most of his movies and people tend to forgive it pretty readily as they’ve come to like the guy in a big way and he does make for a fitting action star. But seriously, when it comes down to whether or not he can disappear in a movie, that’s just not possible right now.

4. Adam Sandler

His consistency might have been a ways back when it came to desirable movies but Adam is another person that’s played the same type of character with familiar gimmicks a number of times since as the man-child in his movies it obviously worked. But after a while he did need to grow up and finally do something that was worthwhile with his career and he’s done it, but is barely being recognized for it since Uncut Gems was thought to be a masterpiece that should have won him an Oscar but it didn’t. Now it’s kind of a wonder as to whether or not he’s going to be able to get that far again.

3. Robert Pattinson

Robert has been doing his absolute best to get away from the Edward Cullen moniker for a while now and while he’s on the right track and has just about done it he’s still felt a little milquetoast at times to be truthful. He’s not a bad actor and his time in the movie The Lighthouse proved that, but at the same time he has a real test of his skills coming up in The Batman, which has managed to nearly break a couple of guys in the past and isn’t going to be an easy test to pass. He’s definitely gaining when it comes to skill and experience, but it almost feels as though he’s just not there yet and needs another push to get him over the hill.

2. Chris Rock

As great of a comedian as he is it really feels like Chris Rock was third or fifth wheel in a lot of movies since really he’s not always a main character and has acted like a sidekick a couple of times, kind of making himself appear as the guy that can get anyone anything, but can’t get himself a lead role. And when he does get a lead role it tends to flop quite a bit since a lot of people probably don’t remember a lot of his movies in which he plays the lead. He’s a funny guy, but in a big way he’s kind of pushed himself out of the lead spot when it comes to movies.

1. Mark Ruffalo

How this guy keeps getting the jobs he does is kind of hard to figure since unless we get to see him turn into a big green rage monster he’s kind of boring really. Any part he does has to be dynamic, and action-oriented or there’s a lot of times when he just doesn’t come off as that interesting to be realistic. It might sound like a harsh criticism and possibly unfair, but really, Mark was a confusing pick for Bruce Banner largely because he’s meek enough, but his transformation in Endgame was a huge disappointment.

I can’t wait for the comments on this one.

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