If Silence of the Lambs Were a Romantic Comedy: A Trailer Remix

If Silence of the Lambs Were a Romantic Comedy:  A Trailer Remix

Silence of the Lambs will always go down as one of the best “whatever the hell you classify it as” movies of all-time.  I mean what is it really?  I think I’d probably say “drama-thriller” if you had to put a real point on it.  I couldn’t call it a horror movie because I always think of things like Freddy or Jason.  Horror movies are way more fictional than Silence of the Lambs.  Is it a cop movie?  Hardly.  Sure there’s an FBI agent but come on.  This movie is all about how awesome Anthony Hopkins is at playing a brilliant psychopath.  “Thriller” seems to be the best bet.

Anyway.  Let’s move past all that.  Let’s talk about the fact that I’ve never seen the Silence of the Lambs trailer recut as anything let along as a Romantic Comedy.   And to this day I don’t think it’s ever been done before.   This mashup was uploaded to Youtube today by Cinefix.  I’m guessing it’s going to pick up a ton more views within the span of a week. The funny thing is that if you’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs this totally works.  If you have, it totally works as being pretty darned funny.

Check out the video below:


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