Zombieland 3 Might Happen but Only after a Decade

Zombieland 3

It might seem rather premature to even consider a third Zombieland movie when the second one is still a couple of months from being released, but no one seems to be ruling it out just yet. In fact Ryan Scott of MovieWeb seems to think that if it did happen it might be another decade, which might mean another decade in movie time as well, before it could possibly happen. At the moment, Double Tap is already pushing ahead ten years after the group got together and as the trailer shows the United States is still firmly in the grip of the zombie apocalypse, but more survivors have been cropping up as the group manages to find their way across the nation towards the White House of all places. Admit it, seeing Tallahassee in the oval office, in the president’s chair no less, was kind of cool. But that being said, it’s still a wonder as to how the White House seems so unmolested by anything or anyone throughout all this time. Of course, we haven’t seen everything in the trailer so it would seem that there are still plenty of reveals to be had once the movie makes its way into theaters.

When the first movie came out some people flocked to it and some might have rolled their eyes as they thought ‘here comes another zombie movie’. And in truth that’s what it was, but the comedy that Zombieland promotes was just as poignant as the very real danger of being eaten alive by the flesh-eating creatures that had taken over the world. In so many zombie movies there’s usually an idea that there’s a cure that exists somewhere, or that people can simply coexist and survive because that’s the most important thing now, but the truth is that in zombie movies people fall back on their most base, primitive urges at times since an apocalypse of this magnitude triggers the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism that we’re all born with and makes short work of those that don’t make the right decision. In Zombieland however, those who survive are just as varied in their motivations as they would be in the real world. A good example is that Tallahassee was after one thing throughout the entirety of the movie, no matter that he took many side trips along the way. He wanted a Twinkie, plain and simple. Columbus just wanted to get back to his family, and Wichita and Little Rock were just trying to survive and would do just about anything, including jacking the two men for their ride and weapons, to make it happen. Yet somewhere along the way the four of them realized that despite their differences and their very different way of looking at life, they shared more in common than they’d thought.

That would have to be the case since they’re still together in this second movie, otherwise it might not have happened considering that the four of them are very different people. As it stands though the trailer does seem to indicate that the group is going to be tested again since the arrival of Madison into the picture and the emergence of two other characters that resemble Tallahassee and Columbus does seem to make things a bit interesting, plus the addition of Rosario Dawson might spice it up a bit since she’s a great addition to many movies. In response to there being a third movie though, let’s just see how the second one does and then let it all pan out as it will. That seems to be the general consensus so far and it seems to be the smartest one that anyone can think of since there’s no telling if anyone is going to like the second movie as much as the first. In a way the first movie tends to grow on a person since it’s not the conventional zombie movie and it doesn’t try to be. Zombieland is its own creature for better or worse and as one of the more entertaining zombie movies out there it’s been one of those that you can’t help laughing at since it lobs up so many easy opportunities throughout its length. Even the most heartfelt moments in the movie seem to offer up a bit comedy since, as I said, this movie doesn’t really take itself all that seriously.

Letting another decade pass would be the best idea for a Zombieland 3, especially considering that the actors might not get a chance to do another movie for another decade or so considering how all of them have become quite busy over the course of their careers. In another ten years we might have to be reminded that Zombieland is still around, but hopefully people will continue to watch the first one and eventually the second one, if it’s just as good.

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