Braison Cyrus: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Miley Cyrus’ Little Brother

When it comes to the Cyrus family, everyone knows about the incredibly talented Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. But the Cyrus family is a large family, and they are not the only members of the family who have had their time in the spotlight. There’s another member of this famous clan who has been carving his own path in the entertainment industry, Braison Cyrus.

As the younger brother, of a mega superstar there is not a lot of attention on his life. When compared to the life of his renowned sister, Braison is relatively unknown. He is the second child of Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Finley. He was born two years after his sister, Miley Cyrus, and is one of the five children that his parents have together. 

Braison Cyrus Is Miley Cyrus’ Only Biological Brother

Braison Cyrus

As mentioned earlier, Braison is one of the five children born into the Cyrus family. However, he holds a unique distinction, being the only son from the union of his parents. Before Finly crossed paths with Billy Ray Cyrus, she already had two children, Brandi Glenn Cyrus and Trace Dempsey Cyrus. Upon their marriage in 1993, Billy Ray embraced the role of a father, formally adopting Brandi and Trace as his own. A year later, the family grew with the arrival of Braison, followed by the birth of Noah Cyrus who has grown to be a pop star of her own. 

He Is a Musician Just Like His Older Sister

Braison Cyrus

Braison Cyrus just like his siblings and father, also works in the music industry. He has been honing his craft for a long time and in 2021, he released his debut album, Javelina. The album has 10 songs, and while drew inspiration from various musical sources, Braison Cyrus has carefully crafted a sound he describes as Alt-country, a fusion of alternative and country genres that allows him to forge his own unique artistic path it fits a genre which Cyrus describes as Alt-country. The album is preceded by the release of a number of singles over the year. 

He Produced the First Cyrus Grandchild

Baby cyrus

Among the five children of the Cyrus family, Braison Cyrus stands out as the only one who has begun the journey into parenthood. In 2018, he announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Stella McBride. A year later, in 2019, the couple exchanged vows and tied the knot. Then, in the year 2021, they welcomed their first child into the world — Bear Chance Cyrus. This precious addition to the Cyrus family became the first grandchild, guaranteed to be smothered by the entire clan with love and affection. It is truly remarkable to witness the growth and expansion of the Cyrus lineage, with Braison and Stella now embracing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. Maybe raising the next generation of the big Cyrus star. 

Braison Cyrus is also an Actor

Braison Cyrus

Asides from working in music, Braison has also tried his hand at acting. He made his debut in front of the camera in 2001 in the TV show, Doc; the show had his father in the lead role. The next time he appeared on the screen was in 2016. This time it was in the film Heels, he played a small role as a character called Jacob Lackey. The bulk of his work remains in his musical career and he has not done much as an actor. 

He Has Performed on Tour With His Sister

Miley and her brother

As a fellow musician, it is no surprise that Miley Cyrus has given her brother the opportunity to join her on tour a few times. During a number of her tours, he’s been lucky enough to showcase his own musical prowess alongside her. But that’s not the only way he has played live. He has also taken his captivating performances to the heart of Nashville, where he has treated audiences to some incredible shows of his own. With a unique musical style and a distinctive sound, he has showcased his individuality and creative spirit.

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