The Bold and the Beautiful: Why Does Bill Have So Much Power?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Why Does Bill Have So Much Power?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans want to know one thing. Why does Bill have all this power and all this ability to change lives in a matter of moments? What is his issue in life? What does he have that everyone else wants? Is it his money and his power? He hasn’t any respect from anyone in his community, so we are positive it’s not that. However, we don’t know what it might be that they want from him. We think that it all has to do with nepotism. For one, neither Wyatt nor Liam are capable of doing anything on their own.

They both like things handed to them. Bill, on the other hand, seems to know that his sons are just like that and will do anything for him if it means they have his approval. And we can say this with certainty: Liam should give it up. He has no skills whatsoever. Everything he touches is a mess. He’s too sensitive, he has no business sense, and things are not good for him.

Wyatt is an underdog. He can do it, and he can make it work for himself if he really wants to. But he’s also someone who is so accustomed to being the shadow in everyone’s lives, and that makes it difficult for him to get things accomplished. And we don’t know where to go from there. It’s not good news, but we think Bill will continue to win with them and they stand no chance.

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