The Current Longest Running Cast Members of The Bold and the Beautiful

The Current Longest Running Cast Members of The Bold and the Beautiful

The Current Longest Running Cast Members of The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that there is a lot of drama on the show on a regular basis, and we love that. But we also know that there is a lot more to the story many days than not. For example, this is a show that’s not been on the air as long as other soaps. It’s only been around since 1987, which makes it 31-years-old. Technically, some of the people who are on the show are original cast members, and we thought we might sit back and reminisce over who has been around the longest. Which actors and actresses on this show have been here since the start, and who is the person who has been here the longest? We are going to find out right now.

John McCook

He is the man behind the entire Forrester family, and he’s also the longest running character on the show. When the Bold and the Beautiful debuted back in the 80s, he was there with the rest of the original cast to start this show off on the right foot. He’s the only man to eve be Eric Forrester, and he’s the only man to ever be on the show the entire length of it’s running as of 2018. There is no other male actor on the show who is still an original cast member, and he’s still here to keep on going. He’s still married to Quinn, he’s still dealing with Sheila off and on, and even though we don’t see him regularly, we still see him from time to time when he’s got a story to tell. He’s a good one to have on the show.

Katherine Kelly Lang

She’s Brooke, and she’s always been a bit of a mess. She’s the only other person who has been around since the show debuted in the late 80s. She’s an original, and she’s been causing the same problems for the same men for the same amount of time. She’s a disaster who always manages to find a way to make her problems someone else’s fault, and she’s someone who makes it her mission in life to find things that will work for her rather than with her. She’s never taking responsibility for herself. She’s been causing people to apologize to her for her own poor actions for more than 30 years, and she’s good at it. That’s why she’s been around so long and done such a good job of being there for people. She’s a mess, but she’s a good one.
She might also be the one person in the history of all the soaps to be married to the same man so many times. We do think there is an excellent chance her marriages to Ridge have been so numerous that they break records all over the place. She’s been around for a long time, though, so she has to get married at least once a year — and we really do think she might have done just that.

Hunter Tylo

What we like about her is that she’s not an original cast member, and she’s not a permanent cast member, but she’s back all the time. She’s Taylor, and she’s the biggest rival that Brooke has ever had. She’s someone who makes the same kind of mess of things that Brooke makes, but she gets to be a doctor while she makes her messes. We kind of love her, but she’s not been around as often. She’s the third longest-lasting character, though. She began her role of playing Taylor back in 1990. She was there less than three years after the show first aired, and she was there for 12 years without a break. She took off in 2003 and didn’t come back until 2004. She was then back until 2014, and she took four years off before showing up again in 2018. She might not be full-time anymore, but she’s back and showing up more and more often as things are playing out in her favor. Perhaps because she’s a grandmother now, she’s more interesting to everyone around her. We just don’t know what that situation looks like for the people around her.

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