The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Will End Up Alone?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Will End Up Alone?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Will End Up Alone?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are all over the place for the coming week, but we have a question about three couples. We are not sure that this current lie is going to keep a few relationships together. While Bill and Steffy are convinced that their lie to Thomas about Caroline dying is going to break him up with Sally and get them both what they want, we have a different feeling about this. We think that Thomas and Sally will end up stronger than ever by the time this is all said and done, and we have a feeling that Bill and Steffy will end up alone.

For one, Liam — Steffy’s husband and Bill’s son — doesn’t approve of this and he might stand up for what’s right. And then there’s Brooke, who probably won’t find this very amusing either. And then there is Thomas. He won’t be happy with anyone who is in on this dirty little secret. He and Liam might remain close, and we also think that Liam and Sally will become friends, too.

The people who put this plan together are, in our opinion, going to be the two who end up as alone as they come. This is not a situation they want to take any further, but they are too far in right now to change things. It’s going to be a very ugly situation, and they aren’t even remotely prepared for what they both stand to lose in this entire situation going on.


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