Bold and the Beautiful: Liam’s Most Important Relationships

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam’s Most Important Relationships

Bold and the Beautiful fans know that so many people love Liam. He’s hard not to love, even if he is a bit of a mess from time to time. He’s a young man who is so confused, and we are still uncertain that he actually knows what he wants from life and in the future he is so carefully planning. He comes across as a young man who wants to do the right thing and make the right choices, but he also seems to feel a bit entitled and as if the world owes him for his childhood and for not knowing what his real life was like for so long. He’s been a young man with some serious problems for some time, and that’s been a problem for him. Though we think he’s growing up a lot now that he is a father, we thought we might look at the most important relationships in his life and see which of the women he’s been with have helped to shape him the most.


When he first came to LA to find the father he didn’t know his entire life after his mother died, he met Hope and they became friends. He developed feelings for her, but he was also friendly and feeling the same thing for Steffy when he realized that no one related to her was his biological father. The feelings he had for Hope were slightly dimmed when he realized that Steffy was not family and they would not be problematic if they were together. Hope spent a lot of time loving him in her innocent way, but it was never quite enough for him. Their time together has always been very sweet, but it was never something that he was so in love with. He was someone who definitely wanted to be with her, but she lacks a certain something.


The certain something that Hope does not have is something that Steffy carries with pride. She’s bold and she’s beautiful and she makes choices we don’t think are all that appropriate from time to time, but she’s also living a life that is a lot more exciting. She always pushed Liam to be more. To do more. To seek more. She was always looking out for his future and for his personality. She always knew that there was a chance he could be someone else and that he could do things that were a lot more exciting, but she never got him to fully stop having feelings for Hope. We think she is the real love of his life no matter how many times he goes to Hope, because he only seems to choose Hope when Steffy is not available to him. She brings out all the good things in him that he needs to grow and learn and become the man he’s meant to be. We still think that there is some hope for them in the future when Hope finally messes up everything once and for all, but we don’t think that Steffy will be as quick or as easy to take him back this time around after all the drama he’s caused her.


He learned a lot from their time together. He thought that he might have a lot of history with the other women she knows, but that it might affect them, and he was right. He learned he could never really fall for her the same way that he fell for Steffy or Hope, and he learned that he is just a man who is torn between two women and cannot get enough of them. He had feelings for Ivy, but he could not commit to her the way that he needed to in order to make her happy enough to stay with him. She tried everything, and even went a little nuts trying to make things right, and it didn’t work. She was yet another woman who lost herself in her quest to make him love her, but things like that just don’t work out for men like him. She’s not that kind of girl, and he couldn’t stop her from trying to be someone she’s not.

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