BMF Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Strictly Business

BMF Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Strictly Business

BMF Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Strictly Business

In Episode 5 of BMF, Meech and Terry successfully pulled off their mastermind plan to get back the stash that Lamar and his men stole. Also, Terry’s first drop with the new plug went smoothly. However, in Episode 6, Meech and Terry don’t have a chance to celebrate their small victories before another problem pops up. If you miss Sunday’s episode here is a quick breakdown of the top events:

Lamar Is Out For Blood

The “block is hot”. Lamar doesn’t take being outsmarted and losing well. He wants Terry and Meech’s the opening scene he opens fire at Meech at the cornerstone in broad daylight. Fortunately, a couple of Meech’s men were nearby and they shot back at Lamar forcing him to flee the scene. Mercy and Terry realize that their family is in danger like never before and they let their parents know that they hired bodyguards to keep them safe. This only angers Meech and Terry’s parents.

Switch Up

Mercy and Terry are ready to change things up and expand their operation. Also, now that Lamar is hot in their trails, Meech and Terry have to figure out a way to move their product in the safest way possible. Meech and Terry decide to try selling their rock wholesale to Tiny a former 12th Street Boys who broke rank. Mercy goes to meet with Q to talk numbers and finalize the deal but Q has a change of mind. Q tells Meech about the rumors of him doing his former plug Pat, dirty and because of that he’s hesitant to do business with them at the moment. Mercy let’s him know that the rumors are lies. Q believes him but he says that Meech and Terry are making rookie mistakes that he doesn’t have time for. However, Q promises to get in touch later on down the line. When things doing work with Q, Meech and Terry decide to make the runners in their crew independent contractors which means that they will get fronted the product and all they have to do is give Meech and Terry their share.

Lone Wolf

Lamar is having trouble catching Meech and Terry alone. He needs his crew the 12th Street Boys to distract their bodyguards. Tiny the man that Lamar choked out last week for questioning him, stands his ground by pulling his gun on him. The rest of the 12th Street stand with him and pull their gun on Lamar. Slick, Lamar’s only ally pulls his gun out against the guys standing with Lamar. Lamar and Slick are outnumbered but fortunately Detective Bryant pulls up and everyone tucks their weapon.

The Confrontation

After Monica overhears Meech and Terry talking street business she is completely heartbroken to find out that she’s lost both of her boys to the streets. Both Charles and Monica confront Terry a d want to know why and how long. Terry tells them everything and says the extreme poverty their family experienced is what made him decide to sell drugs. Monica tells Terry, “ Poverty is not an excuse for immorality.” His parent try to come up with a plan to get Terry far from Meech.

Lamar Goes Crazy

Lamar has completely on the deep end. He confronts Slick about giving up the stash and he tells Lamar that was the only way he could save Zoey.  Lamar tries to make things right with Monique but she doesn’t want to be bothered with him and this sends him into a rage. He throws a fit but catches himself when he notices that Zoey is watching him out the window. Lamar tells Slick that he wants to kill someone that the BMF brothers love. Slick advises him to calm down. But he realizes that something is seriously wrong with Lamar when he starts singing. Slick goes to get his belongings and gun but Lamar ends up horrifically stabbing him to death.


Meech meets with Tiny and reminds him that he is now the leader of the 12th Street crew and that he risks losing his crown if he doesn’t get him a meeting with Q. Meech finally meets with Q at a gambling spot and wins him as a new client. This new alliance a d is going to spearhead their operation.

Black Mafia Family

In this episode, the 50 Boys shed their name and officially become the Black Mafia Family as Meech and Terry hype their new people up a d let them know that they are now lieutenants.

Innocent Death

Nicole was tired of Meech and Terry’s bodyguards lurking. She wanted to have her first official kiss with Darius so they decided to ditch security. Lamar wasted no time, he tried to get Nicole to get into his car but Darius stepped up to protect her. Lamar stabbed the kid. People started to witness the commotion and Lamar sped off. Meanwhile, Nicole held her boyfriend’s hand as he bled out into the street. This was such a heartbreaking scene.

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