Bloodline’s ‘Part 9’: A Tense and Dramatic Exploration of Family Missteps

Unraveling the Rayburn Family Secrets


As we dive into “Part 9” of Bloodline, we begin with a flashback of Sally Rayburn, the least developed character of the core group. The scene shows her younger self frantically packing and getting on a bus, filling in some gaps in the story. This opening ties into Lenny’s suspicion about Sally’s absence during Sarah’s passing and Danny’s injury. The episode also delves into Robert’s character, revealing that he was no walk in the park.

John’s Investigation and Family Tensions

John continues his investigation into the Jane Doe case, talking to Wayne and Rafi at the bait shop. However, the DEA is also onto Wayne for his drug activity, but they’re unaware of the human trafficking angle. John uses this to stay on the case and learns that Eric is involved with Rafi and Wayne. Fearing Danny’s involvement, John confronts his brother, but Danny denies any connection to Eric. The conversation shifts to Danny’s behavior during their night out, and Danny promises to make things right.

Meanwhile, Kevin, paranoid and on edge, takes a baseball bat to Nick Widmark’s car, believing (without evidence) that Nick was behind his attack. This impulsive action is typical of Kevin’s character.

Danny’s Manipulation and the Inn’s Involvement

Danny and Sally share a mother-son bonding moment over dinner, during which Danny suggests expanding the inn’s dining services to non-guests. He manipulates Sally by claiming that she now has a say in the matter, but Sally asserts that she always had a voice in the family business. Despite her comeback, Danny remains undeterred.

Wayne calls Danny for an impromptu delivery, and Danny sends Carlos to do the drop-off at a gas station using a company vehicle. With the inn now implicated in Danny’s drug dealings, it’s clear that trouble is brewing.

Family Bonds and Unsettling Revelations

Danny teaches his niece Jane how to fillet a fish while casually mentioning that Diana and John paid for his culinary school. The scene is mostly benign, but there’s an underlying twisted element as Danny holds a knife near the young girl and seeks revenge on his family. Mendelssohn’s performance adds a chilling factor to the scene.

Unaware of her family’s deterioration, Sally reminisces about the day she almost left her family behind. Her thoughts are interrupted by Meg, who discusses Danny’s new idea for the inn. While Sally is on board, Meg expresses her doubts about the plan’s viability.

Diana’s Suspicions and John’s Pursuit of the Truth

Diana confronts John about not wanting Danny around their children and questions him about paying for Danny’s cooking classes. John comes up empty, but Diana decides to investigate further, calling the school Danny supposedly attended. She learns that he only attended for half a semester and informs John.

John follows Danny and discovers that he had been arrested for possession of prescription drugs. He learns that a woman named Beth bailed Danny out and worked at a restaurant in Miami. John visits the now-vacant restaurant and talks to a local who reveals that Danny used to run the place until a fire destroyed it, raising John’s suspicions.

Confrontations and Threats

Danny visits Meg and tells her to stop voicing her opinions about the inn to Sally. Meg stands her ground, asserting her right to express her thoughts and considering what’s best for the business. Danny leaves with a warning that he can go “a lot further.”

John meets with Beth, who explains that Danny owed money to shady business partners and stole the drugs to pay them back. She also reveals that Danny was a wreck after losing the restaurant and used to talk to Sarah. This information adds another layer of complexity to Danny’s character.

Standing Up to Danny

During a family gathering, Danny teases Meg about her secrets, prompting her to confront him. She refuses to let him manipulate her with the knowledge of her affair and challenges him to tell Marco the truth. Meg’s ownership of her mistake and defiance against Danny’s attempts to profit from it is admirable.

A Glimpse into Sally’s Past

Sally and Danny share another bonding moment as they smoke a joint and Sally opens up about her marriage to Robert. She reveals how they met, got married young, and how she didn’t even tell her parents about her move to the Keys. Sally’s confession about running away when having no other choice resonates with Danny’s own experiences.

John’s Interview with Eric

As “Part 9” comes to a close, Eric is pulled over and taken to the police station, where John interviews him about Danny. The episode is filled with tension and drama, shedding light on the missteps of the Rayburn family members, particularly Danny, who becomes an increasing threat to everyone’s happiness.


– Diana’s intuition and protectiveness of her family make her a valuable character, and her impartiality towards Danny allows her to see things more clearly than John. Hopefully, she gets more screen time in future episodes.

– The DEA team’s inconsistent pronunciation of Rafi’s last name could be seen as a lack of attention to detail, which is concerning for a task force that needs to investigate. It’s also worth noting that “Quintana” isn’t that difficult to pronounce!

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