Billions Season 4 Already Proving to Be as Strong as Ever

Some shows don’t last for much longer than a couple of seasons before they get the axe, while others will catch on with a good number of fans and will stand a much better chance of coming back with each coming season fresh and ready to engage the fans in a new and exciting way. Some shows create premises that don’t make sense, some have underdeveloped characters, and others just fail to resonate with anyone, but thankfully Billions doesn’t have this problem. Despite the stakes that have been raised within the premise of this show, Billions seems to be taking a middle path through the madness that has been created in this high-dollar drama and is shifting around just enough to feel fresh and is able to continue onward with most of the original characters and narratives that have been seen in previous seasons.

Quite honestly that might seem a little low-key for a show that seems to showcase those with so much to lose, but it’s more of a conservative look at this point since to build it up too much leaves one with the kind of expectations that could be disappointed, but it also builds it up just enough to keep it exciting. So far in the fourth season it’s already been seen that they are changing things and many of the characters are returning, but the relationships are somewhat inverted. If you could have predicted this in the past, that Bobby Axelrod would be working with U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades then you likely would have been one of the few that saw it coming in advance. Not only this, but Bobby is now up against his former protege, Taylor Mason, who started a competing fund and managed to poach some of his talent. You can imagine that it’s entertaining for the writers and producers of this show to keep the game board the same while swapping allegiances here and there to keep everything interesting. But honestly, watching old enemies work together is a special treat since it seems to be a combination of super powers that might never have come together unless there was something truly problematic to stand against.

The dial has effectively been turned up to 11 for this season but has still managed to keep a kind of light and goofy mentality that is still as cutthroat as it can be. The energy of this show is at this time a multi-directional force that has been leaking out in all directions so as to make certain that Billions will be felt no matter who is being focused upon and where you might be inclined to look. The directions of the characters and the impact this will have on the show overall is something that is already being seen as positive as well as controversial in the best of ways since the show has been built upon controversy within the premise. This is what’s made the show so popular after all, it’s ability to simply go for broke and make sure that people are going to be gasping as though they’ve just been hit in the chest without ever seeing it coming.

The shift that the characters have taken throughout the last few seasons has been nothing less than amusing and even shocking in some regards, but it’s pushed forth a story that is bound to be remembered no matter how long it really lasts. The program has done what a lot of others haven’t managed to do throughout the years, and that’s keep things fresh and innovative. That’s a big part of why Billions is still around and why it’s still seen as one of the best shows on TV.

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