The Best Blind Auditions for Week One of The Voice Season 12

Week One of The Voice Season 12


Week one of The Voice season 12 blind auditions brought 18 singers onto the show! Every team has at least four people already! Coaches Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys are tied at five apiece while Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine have four each.

Just about every genre of music is being represented. However, there definitely are some themes emerging: young artists, r&b African American male singers, country/folk-rock sounding women, and classic old school sounds – regardless of genre.

So, who has the strongest team right now? Honestly, it’s still anyone’s game, but Team Blake is all young women and teens. Of the five, only one of them isn’t a pure country artist. Meanwhile, Team Adam is all guys – which is what he ended up with last season. They both need to diversify!

As great as it is for an artist to make it onto The Voice, we know at least half of them won’t even make to the lives.  Using that premise, here are the top nine blind auditions from week one.

The Voice Season 12 Blind Auditions – Day One

Johnny Hayes

This guy’s soulful sound can go from rock to straight r&b if necessary. He’s got a great look, too.  Finally, he auditioned for the show last season. Returnees tend to go far.



Mark Isaiah

Producers at record labels are probably looking for a way to steal this 19-year-old. He could take the whole thing. Teenage girls are melting over him all over the internet.  There’s not doubt he’ll definitely make the cut!




Stephanie Rice

Her style of singing puts her in a crowded lane on the show, but she still stands out. The story of being disowned by her parents because of being a lesbian is a heartbreaker. As a result she tapped into the emotions of her audition song better than anyone else we’ve seen. The talent is undeniable, but if she keeps killing us softly with her song she’s going to the top four.



The Voice Season 12 Blind Auditions – Day Two

Autumn Turner

Holy moly, it’s Donna Summer reincarnated! On top of that she’s a former figure-skater, so she’s got physical grace and the ability to work a stage ingrained in her. Disco can easily move into that pop/r&b lane and there’s no one that sounds quite like her.  She’s kind of in a lane by herself.



Aliyah Moulden

She’s 15 years old with a belt and control that is beyond her age.  The choice to change-up the 1956 classic “Hound Dog” shows a creativity that’s makes her more that just a kid with a great voice.




Jesse Larson

Yes, this is an unusual choice, but Jesse played guitar for Prince. He’s also got a really good voice. If Adam moves him more towards the rock genre he could do well. There’s not a ton of that sound on the show thus far – and there’s a big audience for it.




The Voice Season 12 Blind Auditions – Day Three

Quizz Swanigan

He’s too darn cute! He’s the 13-year-old that may have pushed The Voice to drop the age limit. This is not his first time performing. Quizz is a seasoned performer who’s been working as a young Michael Jackson impersonator. These things tell us he’s got talent, skill, and a strong work ethic. Can he do more than Michael Jackson stuff – I’m not sure. However, Michael Jackson should get him to the lives.



Julien Martinez

Thus far there are not enough rock artists on the show. Julien’s cover of the Stevie Ray Vaughan classic “Pride and Joy” didn’t show his true potential until the last second. but man!  Give this California guy some Van Halen & Red Hot Chili Peppers and set him loose!



Casi Joy

Casi has the purest country sound we’ve heard and probably the best female country artist we’ve heard in a long time.  The Voice has a huge country audience and she’s on team Blake. I can’t see Blake not keeping her!




The Wrap Up

These are the best blind auditions for Week one of The Voice season 12. It’s not that the other ones aren’t good. They are, but we’ll have to see who else comes on board before deciding. With these, it’s hard to imagine they won’t make it to the live shows!

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