The Five Best Rebecca Hall Movies of Her Career

Rebecca Hall is among those that aren’t seen quite as prominently in hit movies but at the same time could possibly do wonders if someone allowed her to step in and become a lead or at least a stronger supporting character to the main actors. It’s not so much that her talent has been taken advantage of and possibly wasted but that she hasn’t yet been given the chance to really shine in a movie that people are going to remember for some time to come. That might not sound fair since she has been able to star with some of the biggest names in the business such as Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and Ben Affleck but it’s still not quite at the level that will immortalize her in a way that has been done for so many other actresses, some of whom don’t really have the talent needed to take their current spot.

Here are the five best movies of her career.

5. The BFG

Giants are often seen as quite evil and aggressive in many stories as the fear that humans have of the unknown is enough to turn anything into a boogyeman and create shadows where none exist. The cast of the BFG however is simple, he’s an anomaly among his more violent kin and seeks to protect the people that he fashions dreams for while the other giants’ only desire is to consume human beings, particularly children. Sophie goes on a wild adventure with the BFG, which often means something different to others, but in the end comes to value him as a trusted and reliable friend that she can always talk to.

4. The Prestige

The twists and turns in this movie are actually kind of interesting when you really think about it since the audience is encouraged to get so caught up with the feud between the two main magicians that they don’t notice little things that might tip them off as to the secret that’s waiting just around the corner. For a good portion of the movie it’s easy to feel for Jackman’s character since he loses his wife and eventually all semblance of decency, but in the process he also loses himself and becomes obsessed with the trick in a way that doesn’t allow him an easy way back after falling so far.

3. Transcendence

Human ego is amazing sometimes but both in a positive and negative light since it can harm as much as help individuals that are seeking to push forward an idea, a revolution, anything that might initially help humanity. The only part about helping humanity that is troubling is that it usually ends up involving the destruction and subjugation of a lot of what humanity has already done. When Will, or his consciousness at least, takes over a small town in the desert and begins to expand, even going so far as to remotely connecting with the residents’ minds after they’ve ingested his nano-particles, the effort to stop him becomes even more dire as the idea of using the internet to continue spreading is a very real threat that even in fiction is kind of terrifying.

2. The Gift

Revenge stories can go up or down when it comes to popularity since there are a LOT of them out there and the plot doesn’t tend to vary between a lot of them since it’s typically all about someone doing something to another person way back in the past and now the affected party wants to do something about it. In a very macabre way one can’t really fault Gordo for wanting to get get back at Simon for what happened when they were kids. Sometimes words and accusations can cause more damage than we think and since Gordo’s father nearly killed him for thinking he was gay and then shipped him off to military school, it’s kind of easy to understand why Gordo would feel some way about that and want a little payback.

1. The Town

One thing about Boston that we’re always shown in the movies, TV, and even in real life at times, is that the neighborhood is tighter than a drum when it comes to anyone pointing out a possible suspect in a crime. It’s not so dramatic as all that every second of the day, but there are moments when one has to wonder if the town looks to its criminals as a necessity that needs to be preserved so long as they don’t cross any certain lines that can’t be undone. When Doug and his crew pull off one heist after another it’s enough to see that very few if any are willing to turn them in largely because they’re ‘from the neighborhood‘. It’s touching in a way, but kind of frustrating too even for fiction.

Rebecca is a very talented woman, of that there’s no doubt.

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