The Five Best Eddie Griffin Movies of His Career

Eddie Griffin Movies

Some folks might think a little bit of Eddie Griffin goes a long way but honestly the guy is pretty funny and simply taking a little of him just isn’t enough. He’s been slightly controversial over the years and has said things that might have rubbed people the wrong way, but his comedy has usually been pretty solid. A lot of times he tends to play characters that are based on little more than attitude and a quick it, using his sarcastic and often smarmy remarks to deliver punchlines and entertain the viewers with a brand of comedy that’s not apologetic in the least but thankfully runs across the spectrum of tasteless and classless to just plain funny and perfectly acceptable. As comedians go he’s one of those that you can rely on for a good laugh most of the time, especially if you happen to enjoy his sense of humor.

Here are five of his best movies to date.

5. Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Deuce of course is the star of this movie but T.J. is still one of the funniest characters around since he seems so oblivious at times and so devious the rest of the time. He’s not a bad character and he’s not the kind of person that’s out to make Deuce’s life miserable but he ends up doing this anyway with the jobs that he sends Deuce on. It’s kind of a hard gig to think about when every woman that Deuce has to go out with has some major issue with them that makes it almost impossible to do anything but simply show them a good time and try to work around the various problems that they have.

4. The New Guy

Luther is certifiably nuts, it just has to be said. Any guy that can come up with the ‘crazy eyes’ and actually get people to back off when he’s half their size is a nut that no one wants to mess with solely because there’s no idea how far he’s going to go when it comes to acting crazy. But all in all he does serve as a good teacher for Dizzy since despite his questionable methods he does get the younger man to act with confidence and change his life around for the better. But thankfully things in real life don’t go like this because guys like Luther tend to need to be sent to the psych ward instead of general population.

3. Date Movie

Take every date or love movie you’ve seen and throw it out the window before watching this since it’s not what you’re going to expect and the idea of getting anything out of this movie other than a few good laughs is kind of hard to imagine. That’s what it’s all about though since spoof movies aren’t really for thinking, they’re for just sitting down and enjoying and getting a good laugh in now and again. As Frank Jones, Griffin is one of the most stern characters in the movie, which is to say that he delivers every line in such a deadpan manner that you might want to laugh just for the heck of it since it helps move things along.

2. Undercover Brother

Bring on the stereotypes and have fun with them since this movie is filled with them and it has full knowledge of it. But the great thing is that again, you don’t really have to think about it and you can just kick back and have fun with the whole thing. Obviously this never went to the top of the charts but it did gain enough attention for people to talk about it and has even managed to become something of a cult classic in some regards since it has been enjoyed a number of times by many people. It’s never going to be considered for much more than a movie to watch when there’s nothing else, but it was still fun.

1. Doubletake

This movie is a bit smarter and a lot of fun than a lot of the others since it does manage to incorporate a lot of elements that are actually enjoyable to many people and not just a niche group that might find it funny and engaging. When Daryl is somehow caught up in a case of money laundering he has to go on the run or risk being taken to jail or worse since the people he’s been unwittingly helping are criminals that have been using him. Upon becoming involved with Freddy Tiffany however he soon finds himself in way over his head as government agencies and hired killers start popping out of the woodwork in order to get to him and Tiffany. By the end of the movie his name is cleared though and he and Tiffany even end up becoming good friends, though Daryl still has his doubts about the FBI agent.

He’s a funny guy, no doubt about that.

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