Ben Affleck’s Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide

Ben Affleck’s Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide
Ben Affleck’s Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s top-rated actors. He has appeared in several box office juggernauts, working alongside other top actors in Hollywood. Besides being an actor, Ben Affleck is an accomplished producer and filmmaker, making his directorial debut in 2007 with Gone Baby Gone.

Although he has a commanding on-screen presence, many viewers are unaware of his tattoo collection. Affleck admits getting tattoos has become addictive over the years, but he does his best to try to have them in places that require little cover-up. However, Ben Affleck’s tattoos are not just random, spur-of-the-moment decisions. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all of Ben Affleck’s tattoos known so far.

A Cross

Ben Affleck Cross tattoo in Gigli movie

Ben Affleck has a cross on his left bicep. Although it might not be distinctly visible today, the tattoo on his left shoulder started as a cross. The lone-cross tattoo can be seen in the music video of the lead single of  Jennifer Lopez‘s This Is Me… Then album, “Jenny from the Block”,. In the blink-and-you-miss-it shoot, Affleck (Lopez’s boyfriend at the time) is on a yacht, lounging with his girlfriend.

It was one of the earliest moments the audience saw the tattoo. However, the cross tattoo is also visibly seen in the romantic comedy Gigli (2003), which also starred both Affleck and Lopez. Affleck got the cross tattoo when he was young, and as a fun and cool thing to do. He’s never really spoken about his exact reason for getting the cross, but cross tattoos generally symbolize faith, redemption, love, and hope.

Ben Affleck’s Barb Wire, Sword, and Cards Tattoos

Ben Affleck barbed wire tattoo

Possibly one of the earliest tattoos he had because he has embellished it with more designs. It’s hard to tell how long he had it or if it is still a work in progress. The tattoo is on his right bicep. The tattoo has a barbed wire around his arm and an upward-facing sword on top, with its blade extending upwards to Affleck’s shoulder. It also has two Ace cards by the side.

Interestingly, Affleck has never spoken about why he chose the symbol. On closer inspection, the barbed wire tattoos often symbolize courage and bravery over traumatic life experiences. The sword and card could have reflected the literal interpretation of Ace of Swords from the Rider–Waite tarot deck. Usually, Ace of Swords tattoos indicate being decisive, cutting through deceptions, and exposing them by choosing a radical standpoint. It’s no coincidence the two cards are Aces. The right-hand card is an Ace of Spades, while the one on the left is an Ace of Hearts. There’s also an Ace of Diamonds symbol on the sword handle and an inverted Ace of Clubs symbol at the base of the sword handle.

A Dolphin

Ben Affleck Dolphin tattoo

Everyone makes dumb decisions when they’re younger. The Batman actor has repeatedly shown that he takes his relationships seriously. Like most of his tattoos, Ben Affleck’s dolphin tattoo stayed hidden until a photo was released in November 2011 with his shirt slightly raised. The dolphin tattoo is inked on his right hip. Apparently, the dolphin was chosen to hide a tattoo the actor would rather have forgotten. The previous tattoo was reportedly the name of his High School sweetheart, whom he probably thought he would live happily ever with. Whatever her name was, she got all the thanks for Affleck’s dolphin tattoo.

OV Tattoo

Ben Affleck OV tattoo

For a long time, the OV tattoo on Ben Affleck’s top-right back was the most confusing. It had a stylish “OV” surrounded by three words on top and two underneath. It had “MOH” “NON” “TE” at the top and “TA” “OR” at the bottom. Whatever it meant to Affleck must have been in the past, as the actor covered it all with a recent tattoo.

Roses, Sword, and Cards

Ben Affleck Rose, sword, and cards tattoo

Ben Affleck’s right-hand bicep tattoo was one of the first to get a facelift. The actor added beautiful, bright-colored roses at the bottom of the sword, where the barbed wire visibly sat. With the barbed wires looking like the rose’s thorns, it could mean finding love and friendship through/after the traumatic experiences. It could also be random and the start of Affleck’s love for brightly-colored tattoos. Besides the Ace of Spades, there’s also a winged creature pointing upwards. Recent pictures of the tattoo shows Affleck has embellished it with more flowers.

A Cross Surrounded By Flowers

Ben Affleck embellished sword tattoo

Some of Ben Affleck’s tattoos have aged well over the years. The lone cross on his left bicep has since been embellished with flowers. It’s unclear if there was a particular reason and meaning for adding flowers or if it was just done to compliment the tattoo on his right bicep.

Ben Affleck’s Infamous Phoenix Tattoo

Ben Affleck Phoenix tattoo

The actor’s most famous tattoo is the Phoenix on his back. The Phoenix tattoo made headlines after a picture was taken by the paparazzi. Although Affleck first denied the tattoo was fake, he later admitted it was real in a 2016 interview with Extra. With the conspicuousness of the tattoo, his close friend and exes couldn’t help but leave a comment. While Matt Damon chose to leave and respect the actor and his tattoo decisions, Jennifer Lopez remarked, “It’s awful” and “It has too many colors.” Jennifer Garner added, “Bless his heart,” before later adding she hopes she isn’t the ashes Affleck’s rising from. The Phoenix tattoo was designed to cover the “OV” tattoo.

Two Arrows And Name Initials

Ben Affleck arrows and J B tattoo

Ben Affleck’s latest tattoo is two arrows and a “J” and “B” initials, representing Jennifer and Ben. Affleck’s wife, Lopez, revealed they both had tattoos to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. She shared the photos on her Instagram page on February 15, 2023. Ben Affleck‘s new tattoo symbolizes commitment and love for his wife and the marriage they now share.

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