Bellamy’s Arc was Always Leading Toward Second Dawn

Bellamy’s Arc was Always Leading Toward Second Dawn
Bellamy’s Arc was Always Leading Toward Second Dawn

credit: The 100

Bellamy’s arc was always leading toward Second Dawn and his eventual end. Since season 1 of The 100, Bellamy Blake has revealed himself as a problematic character. From the time he tried to prove himself until his end, he made a lot of bad choices. 

The problem is that Bellamy had little to no chance to learn from a worthwhile mentor since, for much of his life, he wasn’t considered to be anyone of importance. He was given a chance to be someone important before being sent to earth, but it wasn’t hard to imagine how things went wrong. Bellamy’s need to prove himself was one of his worst and best qualities. 

Throughout 7 seasons, Bellamy has tried to do the right thing. Unfortunately, the fact remains that his inability to be decisive and to even prove that he’s a decent human being sometimes has persisted. His issues with Clarke were eventually dealt with, but they never really went away. His issues with his sister, Octavia, didn’t ever really get resolved. 

Unfortunately, one of his biggest failings is that others can influence him. That was proven in the first season and became an inescapable part of his character. 

Bellamy’s Arc was Always Leading Toward Second Dawn

credit: The 100

Bellamy was never meant as a decisive character

He was meant to last; that’s not hard to see. But what’s rather obvious about this character is that he is indecisive. Every now and then, Bellamy came off as strong and decisive, but this ended up being a facade that crumbled when he was pressured. 

His character was someone that came off as a decent and workable part of the story initially. But Bellamy was all about gaining his respect in whatever way he could. The stability that he could have used to create a worthwhile legacy was rarely in evidence. What was easy to see is that Bellamy did try to be a decent person. 

The fans were divided about Bellamy for several seasons. It’s not tough to reason why. This guy was hard to root for initially. Even when he became someone to look up to, there was an understanding that he might turn the other cheek eventually. 

Bellamy’s past was often used to upset his present and create a less certain future. 

His moments of greatness were transitory at best

It sounds rough to speak ill of a character that’s been killed, but the fact is that Bellamy never felt like someone bound for greatness. He was always likely to stand out as someone that was going to be better off disappearing or dying. That’s kind of dark, but it’s true. 

In some ways, Bellamy’s character arc felt like it repeated itself again and again. He would do the wrong thing. Then he would relapse and make poor decisions. Then he would regain the respect he’d lost, only to lose it again due to bad choices. At some point, it feels that this character could have died off, and fans might not have cared. 

Bellamy had a few high points during his existence amid the many mistakes. 

Bellamy’s Arc was Always Leading Toward Second Dawn

credit: The 100

It made sense to have Clarke kill Bellamy

Honestly, Bellamy was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy throughout the show. The fact that Clarke is the one that kills him feels necessary. Coming full circle was kind of needed for this story since; otherwise, it doesn’t feel as though the right connections had been made. 

He and Clarke were on the shuttle that made its way to earth. They endured a lot of hardships and disappointments that determined the survival of those they took charge of, and for a while, Bellamy did make a decent leader. But again, trying to depend on him to remain a qualified and competent leader was never a sustainable option. 

For seven seasons, though, Bellamy was necessary. There were ways that his arc could have changed to help Bellamy become a better person overall. But those ways might not have felt natural and could have screwed up his arc in an irreversible way. Bellamy was a needed character at certain times in this story. However, he was one of those many fans could have done without at certain points. 

It’s amazing that Bellamy lasted so long

There are characters that the fans love and characters that irritate the fans. Bellamy was kind of a suspect character from the start. He was so eager to please and so eager to save his sister that he became a desperate character from the start. There was plenty of time for him to change and find the right path. But by the end, Bellamy was the same type of guy that he’d started out as, someone who was easily influenced and was bound to make the wrong decision. 

The reason his death is tragic is the fact that fans invested so much in his character. 

His issues

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