The 100 Season 5: The Most Epic Fight Scenes You Can’t Miss

The 100 Season 5: The Most Epic Fight Scenes You Can’t Miss

Madi Fight Scene

The 100 is a series that can be challenging to follow for those not into sci-fi, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite addictive. Season five is arguably the greatest season so far, and here are the best fight scenes you should be keen to watch once you get your hands on it.

1. Marcus Kane’s Battle for Survival

In season five, episode four, Marcus Kane finds himself fighting for his life in a death ring. Despite almost losing his life, Marcus rises again and crushes his opponent, much to the dismay of Octavia. However, she declares that Marcus will fight again the next day, prolonging his suffering.

2. Pandora’s Box: A Fight to the Death

In the “Pandora’s Box” episode, Marcus returns to the ring, but this time, he is not as willing to fight. As his opponent cuts his thigh, Marcus insists that he will not kill the man. Octavia enters the death ring herself, urging Marcus to use his survival instinct, but he refuses. Just as Octavia is about to kill Marcus, the bunker opens, and Bellamy enters from the roof.

3. The Rise of the Wonkru

In season five, episode two, Octavia establishes herself as the authority figure for the Wonkru. When a group of men goes against her, she makes a stand, saying, “You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.” Octavia kills several men who choose to be against Wonkru, and the rest fall in line, bowing at her feet in surrender.

4. Win the Fight, Save Your Life

After capturing those who were behind the door, Octavia gathers them all in the death ring, telling them that since they committed crimes against Wonkru, their punishment is death. She throws in a sword with the rule, ‘Win the fight, save your life.’ A bloodbath ensues as everyone fights for their lives.

5. Madi’s Moment in the Arena

Clarke’s “adopted” daughter, Madi, shows her fighting skills in the death ring when she goes against a boy her age. At first, the boy seems to be winning, but Madi regains her power and has him at her mercy. Octavia, impressed by Madi’s skills, asks Gaia to dress her in armor and give her a real sword, leaving Clarke with mixed feelings about Madi’s future.

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