Being Celine Dion is Not For Everyone: That’s Why There’s Only One

Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon from The List isn’t the first to remind us that Celine Dion has been performing for decades but it’s a good thing she did since quite honestly there are a lot of folks that just don’t understand how hard this woman has worked in her life. As Brendan Kelly from the Montreal Gazette has pointed out she was at one point kind of docile as compared to now since she took a lot of direction from her husband/manager, but she still had the chance to build a reputation that’s something all her own. Throughout the years Celine has become one of the biggest names in the music industry by simply doing what she does best, using her voice to the greatest effect and bringing millions of fans to tears or at least to their feet during one concert after another.

It has’t always been all rainbows and sunshine, but through every bit of adversity she’s been able to come through looking even better, even it if means she needs to take some time to rest. If anyone remembers, or doesn’t, Joi-Marie Mackenzie from ABC News highlights the 3 weeks in 2018 that she had to take due to a surgical procedure. While some might assume that a performer would likely think more of their own concerns and offer a mild apology to the fans, Celine was actually quite despondent about not being able to perform. This is after all a woman that loves to be on stage and in front of her fans so that she can give them the best show possible. Being away from them, especially when so many were looking forward to her sing, is something that she can’t abide, but at the very least she is well aware that risking her health is doing them a great disservice as well since it could only make things worse.

This is a woman that has a serious love for what she does and is all about the performance she puts on as she doesn’t do anything halfway and is fully committed to the people that have come to see her as an idol and a certified star. As Billboard has stated she’s had a career spanning over three decades at this point and doesn’t show any sign of stopping, much to the delight of her fans. There are times however when Celine seems to work just a little too hard and might need to take a break. Seriously, the human body can only take so much and while she is a seasoned veteran of the music industry even she has to take it easy now and again. Over the course of her career she’s learned to do this from time to time, but looking at her work ethic you can’t help but think that she’s fully capable of out-working many of the younger singers despite being so much older than them. That of course is a big part of what her experience does for her as it allows her to know when to go full-out and as hard as she can and when to kick back and relax for a bit. She’s no novice to the game, she knows how it works.

The incredible amount of talent as well as the ability to do one show after another is the legacy that Celine had been putting together for years now as she’s wowed the audiences no matter where she’s been, her voice filling every arena, auditorium, and cascading over the people that gather to listen without cease. Las Vegas has been glad to have her more than a few times and any venue that features her knows that she’s going to sell out, or at least rake in a huge profit. This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re one of the hardest-working singers in the business and have developed the kind of experience that comes from learning to work, work some more, and then feel so comfortable at work that it’s where you prefer to be. Truly, Celine seems more comfortable on the stage than just about anywhere as even something like celebrating her birthday is something that she just doesn’t do on a regular basis since she would rather be holding a concert for her many fans.

Some might decide to take the low road and say that of course she does, she wants to get paid, but if that were the case then it seems more likely that she’d only do a few big concerts every now and again and then call it good. But a real artist, a true student of this craft, knows that they rely heavily on the fans and the love that they have for the music. They know very well that the fans will love what they sing once they go far enough and amass a following, but the wisest among them come to love the music and know that the fans are what helps to make it just a little more special.

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