A Beautiful Final Fantasy XV “Somnus” Cover by the Grissini Project

If you aren’t familiar with the Grissini project we’ve featured them before on this site.   Recently they did a cover of a Game of Thrones song “Light of the Seven.”  Now the musical talents of their piano, vocals and cellist are back to cover another beautiful song.  This time they’ve moved into the world of video games and have taken on Final Fantasy XV’s “Somnus.”  The project sends a special thanks to Marie Caparros, their cellist who superseded their regular cellist for this recording.  Also special thanks to Purple Sheep Studio where this video was  recorded and filmed.
Don’t forget to listen with headphones.

Here is a great occasion to upload our cover of Yoko Shimomura’s wonderfull Final Fantasy XV theme song, Somnus. Covered for piano trio and vocalist, self-made arrangement and transcription!

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