The Baby Driver Trailer But Baby Is Replaced Entirely With The Snapchat Hot Dog

Baby Driver is definitely a must see if you’re a fan of fast cars and quick getaways.  It is essentially a love story wrapped within a crime movie surrounded by the squealing tires of a car movie. In other words it’s an action-packed ride that you should definitely check out. It won’t look like the image above, I promise. Still it is kind of an interesting and even funny effect. Baby Driver has been replaced in every shot of the trailer by the Snapchat Hot Dog. Yeah, I’m trying to process that one too. But at least he looks happy in every shot. That counts for something, right? Anyway, If you haven’t seen it yet then the rest of this trailer is for the film entitled Baby Driver, an odd title to be sure but it has some meaning. For one, the lead actor’s name is Baby, no joke. And two, he’s a driver, a wheelman, a getaway driver. Get it?

I doubt it’d be a lot of fun to have tinnitus, a condition leaves the individual thinking they hear a ringing or similar noise in their ears despite the absence of any identifiable stimulus. The reason for the music he listens to so often is to drown out the constant “hum in the drum” as it’s so eloquently put so that he can focus and do what it is that he does best, which is drive.

Think about it for a second, driving normally takes a measure of concentration that most people don’t think about. Just driving from your home to work, or to the store, or to anywhere that your mind is pre-programmed to understand after so many times is easy. But when you need to drive to a location that you don’t visit nearly as often your concentration has to sharpen up and in these moments you realize just what it takes to pay attention to the wheel and to the traffic all around you.

Now let’s take a look at the hot dog’s dilemma. During a getaway the focus has to be on the effort used to drive the car, evade the police, and avoid the different and random obstacles in your path. You have to know when to apply the brakes, when to stomp on the gas, and definitely when to pull a trick out of seemingly nowhere. In other words, your focus has to be absolute, and with tinnitus this seems rather impossible unless you have something to block it out. Hence the music. It allows our skilled little hot dog to keep his wits about him when he’s making his getaway, especially considering the fact that he’s driving with no hands.

I wonder if he’s steering with what could be called his belly or if his buns somehow wrap around the edges of the wheel and allow him that kind of control? It’s hard to imagine but you’ve seen the trailer by now, that hot dog’s got skills.

Someone in production got bored didn’t they? Ah well, it’s funny anyway.


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