The Five Best Juliette Lewis Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Juliette Lewis Movies of Her Career

Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis has been called one of the most beautiful and even the most talented women in Hollywood, and I think that I’ll chime in and say that yeah, she’s attractive, but in terms of her skill this seems to be the one thing that she’ll be remembered for the most. She’s played a few parts in which her beauty has been a big draw, but for some reason she seems more like the girl next door type, the woman that you can’t help but think is attractive but not so exotic as to be unapproachable. She’s been seen to be a strong character in many movies, and somewhat naive in others, but whatever role she’s been given she’s done well to make it hers and to convince the audience that she’s playing it to the best of her ability. Watching her is a treat since she’s a veteran actress that knows what she’s doing and is fully capable of making us believe that she’s fully invested in a part.

Here are five of her best movies.

5. Kalifornia

This is the kind of role in which you can see that she’s so invested that she makes it believable. Adele is the picture of a woman that has been cowed and subdued into thinking that she’s not worth that much and should be thankful for her protector, Early. The only problem is that Early is a psychopath that will gladly kill people no matter if he needs to or if there’s any concrete reason for it. He killed a man with a colostomy bag for crying out loud and then picked his pocket. The fact that he shoots Adele when she turns on him is tragic as it can get, but the added fact that she came to her senses and stood against him was a great part of the movie.

4. From Dusk Till Dawn

Some people might have wanted to see Kate go off with Seth since there didn’t seem to be much left for her. Her immediate family, meaning her father and brother, were both dead, and there was no telling if she would even be allowed across the border looking like she did. But El Ray didn’t sound like the place for a young woman that had a lot more to live for, and after the ordeal she and Seth suffered throughout the movie it seemed easier to assume that she might find a way to make use of the money he gave her in order to cross the border and head home, to whatever fate had in store for her.

3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

It would take someone that’s entirely understanding and has a pretty good heart to walk into Gilbert’s life and see nothing out of the ordinary, let alone embrace the idea that his family was perfectly normal for who they were. But this movie, for all of its oddities and negative stereotypes, did prove a very big point, that in this life we make our choices and live with them, and that when push comes to shove, we live our lives and we go out on our own terms. The fact that there was a happy ending for Gilbert and his family was a touching note to a movie that seemed rather hopeless at first.

2. Natural Born Killers

Let’s just go ahead and label this under “odd and disturbing” when it comes to movies of any genre. Some people think this is a masterpiece and they’re not wrong, but one written in blood and mayhem is kind of hard to get behind since quite honestly it’s the type of movie that people railed against even in the 90s when the whole idea of attitude was the big draw for many movies. Mickey and Mallory were simply out of control, deeply in love, and absolutely nuts despite the idea that they seemed to know what they were doing most times. Out of many movies it’s one of those that people might still shake their heads at.

1. Cape Fear

On one hand you might want to condemn Bowden since he failed to do his job properly no matter the distaste and disgust he held for Cady’s actions, but when Cady came to harass his family there seems to be many people that might agree that they would react in the same manner. Anyone that targets the family of a person they have an issue with has already crossed a dangerous line after all and doesn’t really warrant the same kind of consideration that they might have received had they kept the matter a personal affair. So yeah, Bowden messed up and was derelict in his duty, but Cady took it to a level that’s dangerous for anyone to even contemplate.

She’s been a great actress throughout her career thus far, and now that she’s older and more seasoned she’s even better.

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