The Top Five Monica Bellucci Movie Roles of her Career

The Top Five Monica Bellucci Movie Roles of her Career

The Top Five Monica Bellucci Movie Roles of her Career

Monica Bellucci is known primarily for her looks, let’s just put that out there now and get over it. She is after all a very beautiful woman even as she continues to age and at times is seen out and about not wearing makeup. That changes very little since she is such a natural beauty that she seems to shine no matter where she goes. But she is also a talented actress and despite the thickness of her accent at times she is very convincing throughout many of her roles. What some see as just a pretty face and a great form is in fact a complete actress that knows her way around a set.

Here are a few roles that stand out as some of her best.

5. Spectre – Lucia

It has to be said that she does have what one would look for when you think about any woman being a Bond girl, exceptional beauty and a decidedly quick mind that are easily a match for the dashing 007. Yet for all that she is in this film as a noted actress her part is fairly small and doesn’t allow her to develop as much more than another woman to be seduced by Bond.

4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Veronica

This is another film in which her part is small but actually very important. Veronica is one of the reasons why Balthazar continues to search for the Prime Merlinian since she became trapped in the Grimhold along with Morganna. He wants so badly to free her that he searches tirelessly for the one individual that can finally defeat their shared enemy.

3. The Brother’s Grimm – Mirror Queen

Bellucci is especially good at playing the role of a temptress as she’s shown in the past. The Brothers Grimm never really took off as a favored movie but her role in it was perhaps one of the most provocative and enchanting pieces of work that she’s ever done. She’d already become known by this point but was still struggling at times to really get some attention when it came to her various roles.

2. The Passion of the Christ – Mary Magdalene 

As one of the followers of Christ she was quite skilled at acting in a very penitent and cowed fashion. In this scene she has been beaten and driven to the ground but she is still in awe when she looks upon the features of Jesus Christ, the man that saves her from being stoned in the street by those that would gladly condemn her for her actions.

1. The Matrix Reloaded – Persephone 

Persephone is one of the ultimate enchantress’ of her time and proves it by promising Neo and his companions a way into the Marivingian’s halls to find the key maker if she can have but one kiss from Neo. When she gets what she wants, a truly passionate kiss that almost makes Trinity forget that they need Persephone at the moment, she gladly turns against her lover and gives the trio what they need.

Monica Bellucci is a great actress, and it would be awesome to see her start taking some truly influential roles.


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