10 Things You Didn’t Know about Avery Mills

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Avery Mills

Avery Mills

Avery Mills lives a life that many people will not and do not agree with. There’s a lot that she’s done in her very short time — she’s barely 20, if you didn’t know — on earth that has made many people question her life, and most of that has happened in the past year. She was only 19 when she was featured on the hit show “90 Day Fiancee” and she’s done some things in the one year since her show aired that have made many of the people who watch raise their eyebrows in question. Her own family finds her choices difficult, and she’s not living her very best life. In fact, she’s been in the news again lately for an incident in which she had something happen to her, and we thought we might get to know her a bit better.

1. She’s Formerly a Christian

She’s from Ohio, even though you might not notice that or recognize that based on the way she dresses and the many things she says and does these days. She’s got a long history of making some poor choices in her life, but she’s done a lot since she was a Christian woman, including converting to a different religion for all the wrong reasons.

2. She Doesn’t Describe Herself the Same Way Her Friends Describe Her

When she is asked to describe herself, she tells the world she’s been a woman who was a homecoming queen and a cheerleader and a great student, but that’s not how her friends describe her. When she tells us about herself, she manages to make herself sound like she’s an all-American girl who does things right and makes good choices. Her friends, on the other hand, tell the world she’s reckless, she makes poor decisions, and she doesn’t do much thinking prior to her acting.

3. She’s Changed Religions for Love

She is now a devout Muslim, but only because she met a man online. She loves his body — and apparently him — and she’s decided that they only real way she can be with him is to be with him in terms of his own religion. She’s changed her religion to be with him, though she’s never actually been with him.

4. She Got Engaged Without Ever Meeting her Fiance in Real Life

She and her online fiancé, Omar, have yet to meet in real life. She got engaged to him even though she knew him only six months, and only on the internet, changed her religion, and has been making plans to move to Syria to be with him. He’s a man who only has photos of himself on the internet for her to judge him by, and her family is questioning everything they know about her at this moment in time. She’s only 19, so it doesn’t make sense for her friends and family to believe she needs to go this far for ‘love’.

5. Her Mother is Not Happy

Her mother doesn’t support this, yet she gave her the wedding dress she got married in to use at her own wedding. She doesn’t think it’s safe or wise for her daughter to get on a plane and go halfway across the world to be a with a man no one can be sure they know anything about. After all, anyone can say anything they want on the internet, and that’s not a safe practice. Her mother is finding it difficult to support her daughter, and we don’t know if they can over come this.

6. She’s Firing at Walmart Employees for Islamaphobic Comments

She only just came out and said that during a recent trip to the popular big box store that employees were making comments about how America has gone downhill and that President Donald Trump needs to take out the trash to get the country back to what it was, and then they looked pointedly at her and her hijab while making the comments. She’s also said she tried to ignore their comments, but she simply cannot at this point in her life.

7. She’s A Married Woman Now

She didn’t meet her fiancé before she got engaged to him, but she did get on a plane and head to Lebanon and get married to the man. The TLC show followed them, which probably did make her mother feel a little better about things when they went down, and things seem to be working out for her in the meantime.

8. She’s Not Using Social Media Much

She’s made it very clear that things in her life will not take a backseat to social media anymore. She claims that the use of social media brings out so many people who say horrible things about her, the man she married, their life together, and her personal choices, and she’s not going to engage in that much longer. She claims it is good for her mental health to stay off of social media. Not that she has, but she’s claimed that she’s using it a lot less these days.

9. She’s Fighting to get Her Husband to America

There’s a lot going on in terms of getting him the correct Visa and other documentation that he needs to move her to be with her, but they are working on it. She does not say too much about it, but she does find a way to make sure she can do it. She’s discussed it a few times, but few people know precisely what is going on and how she is living her entire life at the current time.

10. She Doesn’t Like the Attention

She has gone online more than once to tell people to stop assuming that they know her, and she’s been very vocal about the fact that most people don’t know her. She chose to show her life and her personal details on the television for people to see, and she’s mad now that they ‘know’ her because she feels that they don’t.

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