Melissa Rauch’s Top Non Big Bang Theory Acting Roles

Melissa Rauch’s Top Non Big Bang Theory Acting Roles

Melissa Rauch’s Top Non Big Bang Theory Acting Roles

She’s got to be one of the most attractive nerdettes in TV history. If that came off wrong I do apologize but it’s actually fairly accurate. As Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory she’s been an absolute joy to watch, but Melissa Rauch is so much more than this one role. Those that gotten used to her in this role have likely not seen her in anything else and quite honestly you should. Her skills go way beyond The Big Bang Theory and have been seen to include some very different roles that have allowed Rauch to expand her style of acting and show that she does have more to her than one certain role.

Here are a few examples of why she’s one of the up and coming ladies of film and TV.

5. Francine (voice) – Ice Age

It’s kind of hard to believe that Francine is being voiced by Melissa at first, but if you really listen you can almost hear a bit of Bernadette in there. Her voice is strong enough that you actually feel as though you’re the one being admonished for a moment as poor Sid has to just sit there and take it. Of course given that Sid is kind of dim and doesn’t always take the hint it’s a credit to Rauch that she is able to lend a strong feel to this role.

4. Harley Quinn (voice) – Batman and Harley Quinn

It takes a special kind of voice to really nail the role of Harley Quinn. While there’s no disrespect meant towards Margot Robbie she had the look, but the voice could have used some work. Rauch however nails that kind of nasal quality that Harley needs to complete her character. Plus, working WITH Batman instead of against him like always adds a nice little dynamic that makes Rauch’s character a little more enjoyable.

3. Hope Annabelle Gregory – The Bronze

This role seems mile and miles from The Big Bang Theory to be honest, but that’s what makes it so great. Rauch is sarcastic, mean, argumentative, mean, yeah, I said it twice. She’s just not a nice person in this film, but somehow she has so many redeeming qualities that she becomes loved for the simple fact that she won’t pull any punches. In a gymnastics movie that seems to be one of the best ways to be considering the level of competition that is usually showcased.

2. Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp – Marvel’s Ant Man

Voice over parts seem to be one of Rauch’s specialties since she seems to do so many of them in cartoons. Hey, if it works and you’ve got the voice for it then go on and get it. Bringing favorite comic characters to life is just as admirable and just as difficult as live action characters save for one thing, you don’t have to be on screen to do it. Rauch has lent her voice to a large number of roles, but this one is somewhat subdued and doesn’t get as crazy as some of the others, cough cough, Harley, cough.

1. Summer

She plays what seems like an intelligent ditz on The Big Bang Theory and plays what seems like just a hopeless ditz on True Blood. That might be unkind but it really seems to be the truth. She is all into Hoyt even though he’s still stuck on Hamby, and she’s bound and determined to have him. This level of attention seems to be borderline out of control at times but might actually seem desperate the rest of the time. Why go after a guy that won’t commit?

Melissa Rauch is likely best known for her role on The Big Bang Theory, but it is by far and large not the only role she’s excelled in. Watch a few of her other shows and appearances and you might get a better feel for just how talented she really is.


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