10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eddie Lucas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eddie Lucas

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eddie Lucas

We all know Eddie Lucas because of his time on “Below Deck,” but we haven’t seen him in some time. He was on the show for a while, but he took some time off. He came back in 2020 for the “There’s No Place Like Home,” episode, and things were exciting for fans when he did. Fans missed the bosun, and they were happy to see him come back. If you’re new to the show, you might not even know much about him, so we thought we might rectify that situation and share with you what we know about the man who has been below deck since 2010.

1. He’s Controversial

Some fans love him. Some fans have never forgiven him for the time he blatantly cheated on his girlfriend with a third stew and then lied about it. He did not do himself any good there, and we honestly cannot figure out what he was thinking. He knew he was with someone else, and he knew there were cameras watching his every move. He knew he would get caught, right?

2. He’s Working on Different Boats Now

Since his departure from the show, he’s taken a little time off the yachts he loves to call ‘home’ for weeks at a time. He’s been working on tugboats in Baltimore, which is an entirely different game. It’s not luxe and upscale on a tugboat…by any stretch of the imagination.

3. He Tried to Fix Things with His Ex

He was regularly engaging in trysts in the laundry room of the yacht on which he was working during his early years on reality television, but the cameras repeatedly caught him – and so did his girlfriend. He came out and said that they did try to work on things for some time after the show and the cheating scandal aired, but things ultimately ended worse than he thought they might. We aren’t sure how it could be worse than it was, to be honest.

4. He’s Older and Wiser

It’s been a few years, and he feels that he has grown a bit now that he is back. He feels that he is older and wiser, and perhaps that means he’s going to make some better decisions. Of course, we doubt it since he can’t come back on reality television and be boring for the world to see, right?

5. He Knows He Messed Up

We are at least happy to say that this is a man who can look back at his actions and admit that he messed up. He knows what he did when he was on the show before was wrong, and he knows he wasn’t thinking. He admits it and he’s good with telling the world that he is taking responsibility for his actions. Everyone makes mistakes, and he’s right to acknowledge that his were really big mistakes made in a really public manner.

6. He’s Ready to Be An Example

Now that he’s grown up a bit, he’s ready to be an example. A good one, we hope. He’s made it clear that he’s not going to play any games and put himself in a situation like the one he put himself in before. He’s grown, matured, and he’s going to be a leader with his crew and to the people around him. We admire his desire to continue to grow in the right direction.

7. He’s Single

We think. He hasn’t posted any photos of himself on social media with a woman in a long time, so he doesn’t seem to be in a relationship. Of course, he might be making things a little more private in his private life considering he made the mistake of making them very public before.

8. He Loves Motorcycles

He’s a man with a bike, and he is loving it. He has a new motorcycle that he purchased back in the earlier days of summer, and he’s been showing it off online and really getting into it. It seems like a fun hobby for him, and that’s good. Everyone needs a fun hobby.

9. He’s a Traveler

He, like so many other people, enjoys traveling. He spends as much time as he can on the road or on a plane seeing the world. He likes it, he loves to immerse himself in a new culture, and he’s not afraid to get really creative when it comes to the places he’s visiting. We hope he can travel more frequently in the upcoming year.

10. He’s Close to Family

He is very close to his family, and we love that. His brother got married this summer, and he was able to go spend time with his family at the wedding. It was a good time for him and for his parents, and he is glad he could be there spending that time with his loved ones.

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